Martha Stewart net worth

Martha Stewart net worth

Net Worth: $638 Million

About Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart net worth

Martha Helen Kostyra, better known as Martha Stewart, is a business magnate, magazine publisher, author and TV star of Polish-American origin. She started her career by founding Martha Stewart Living Omnipedia and went on to develop a number of successful supplementary businesses, ranging from broadcasting and merchandising to electronic commerce. During her lifetime Martha has written several books that topped the bestsellers’ lists and launched a magazine sold in millions of copies. She is also recognized as a host of a popular talk show, Martha. All of these business ventures made a solid contribution to Martha Stewart net worth, which is currently estimated at $638 million and makes her one of the wealthiest woman in the world.

Stewart was born in New Jersey, in a family of Martha and Edward Kostyra. She was the youngest child in the family and has five siblings. At the age of 10 Martha started working as an occasional babysitter. She watched the kids of such stars as Mickey Mantle, Gil McDougald and Yogi Berra. For those who have not heard of them, those are the former professional athletes, who played for New York Yankees.

At the time nobody could have guessed that one day Martha Stewart net worth will be greater than all of their fortunes.

When Kostyra turned 15, she started modeling and appeared on a several television commercials, most notably for Unilever and Tareyton’s cigarette advertisement. By the time Martha entered collage her career in fashion was peaking and her clients included such brands as Chanel. In one of her recent interviews Stewart recalled that around that period her salary averaged at 50 dollars per hour. Although it seems like a petty cash compared to the current Martha Stewart net worth, for the college student it was a considerable income.

After graduating from high school, Martha attended Barnard college and gained a double major in Architectural History and History. While studying, she met her future husband Andrew, a graduate of the prestigious Yale Law School. The two got married in the early 1960s. Martha started her career as a food caterer and party organizer. In 1977 her husband Andrew, who worked for the successful publisher Harry N. Abrams, hired Martha to cater the party which was staged to mark the release of The Secret Book of Gnomes. One of the guests in the party was Alan Mirken, at the time- president of Crown Publishing Group. Alan was so impressed with Martha’s skills in the kitchen, he signed her to develop a book of recipes. Following the success of her first publication, Martha has released six more cookbooks. Each one of them added a solid sum to Martha Stewart net worth.

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