Mary J. Blige net worth

Mary J. Blige net worth

Net Worth: $45 Million

About Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige net worth

Mary J. Blige, full name Marry Jane Blige, is a popular American singer, record producer, occasional actress and rapper. She started as a back singer and released her solo album in 1992. Since What’s the 411? reached the stores, Mary has produced ten more studio albums, of which eight were certified Platinum by RIAA. She gained nationwide recognition in 1994, when her album My Life was released, and became international star in the following years. For the day Mary J. Blige holds 9 Grammys, one Legends Award, voice of Music Award and is considered to be one of the most successful female singers in modern history. Mary J. Blige net worth is currently estimated at $45 million.

Her fortune comes primarily from the sales of her albums, which were distributed in 50 million copies all over the world. With such commercial success, no wonder she was named the most accomplished recording R&B artist of the last three decades. The other sources of Mary J. Blige net worth are film industry and her personal fragrance lines. She starred in a box-office champion I Can Do Bad All by Myself and had a smaller role in Rock of Ages, which reached the cinemas in 2012.

Her tracks for the movies The Help and Bobby garnered Blige Golden Globe Award nominations.

Mary was born in New York, in 1971. She was the second child born to Thomas Blige and Cora. Blige inherited her talent for music from her dad, who was a jazz musician, and her love for R&B rhythms from her mom, which was a fan of Gladys Knight, Chacka Chan, Aretha Franklin, Jean Carne and Patty Labelle. The sound of their music followed Mary since the day she was born and had a huge influence on the formation of her own style. Blige started developing her singing skills with her father at an early age. Sadly, the two departed following Cora’s and Thomas’ divorce in the 80s. Family’s divorce is not the only bad memory that haunts this singer. When Mary was 5, she was molested by the friend of her parents. In her early life Mary J. Blige net worth was nothing to brag about: she suffered a constant deprivation, squeezing in the same apartment with her sister, mother, two aunts and their five sons. The future star was kicked out of high school before even finishing 11th grade.

Mary’s professional career started after her mother’s boyfriend played her record to Jeff Rod, which at the rime ran A&R for Uptown Records. Her cover of the “Caught Up to the Rapture” soon reached Andre Harrell, the president of the label. At the age 18 she became the only women signed up to the company and the youngest artist that has ever worked with Uptown. This deal marked the beginning of her professional career and the start of Mary J. Blige net worth growth.

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