Matt Barnes net worth

Matt Barnes net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About Matt Barnes

Matt Barnes net worth

Matt Barnes is a well known name in basketball industry. It has been stated that the current estimate of Matt Barnes net worth is 5 million dollars, which he has earned due to his success in basketball. Currently, Matt Barnes is known as a player for the team, which plays in the National Basketball Association, called the Los Angeles Clippers. This involvement is regarded as the main one when it comes to talking about his fame as well as Matt Barnes net worth.

The basketball player was born in 1980. He is of mixed heritage, as his mother is white and his father is African American. When he was living in Fair Oaks in California, he was a student at Del Campo High School. There, he also got an occupation as a letterman in both basketball and football. Thus, he got involved into sports while he was studying at high school. In both of these sports, football and basketball, Matt Barnes managed to get honors, such as All-State, All-American, All-City and many more.

When he entered the University of California in Los Angeles, Matt Barnes played college basketball, where he was active four seasons.

In 2002, Matt Barnes participated in the NBA Draft and there he was chosen by the team of Memphis Grizzlies. They chose him as the 46th overall pick. In the same year, Matt Barnes was traded to another team, that being the Cleveland Cavaliers. As a part of trade, Wesley Person was traded to the Memphis Grizzlies.

In the season of 2002-2003, Matt Barnes was playing in another league, that being NBA D-League, where he was a member of Fayetteville Patriots. In the following season, Matt Barnes again played for another team, and this time it was in the Long Beach Jam, which competes in American Basketball Association. Thus, before he joined the NBA, he played in other teams and leagues, which also increased is fame as well as Matt Barnes net worth.

In 2004, Matt Barnes became a member of the Los Angeles Clippers and his belonging to this team has added most success to him. In the same year, he changed teams and became a player for the Sacramento Kings. Also, for the season of 2004-2005, Matt Barnes was traded for yet another team, which was the 76ers. Therefore, throughout his career in basketball, Matt Barnes has played in various different teams and leagues, as well.

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