Matt Damon net worth

Matt Damon net worth

Net Worth: $65 Million

About Matt Damon

Matt Damon net worth

Matt Damon, full name Matthew Paige Damon, is an actor, producer, screenwriter and philanthropist. Martin rose to the fame fallowing his appearance on the movie Good Will Hunting in 1997. The screenplay for this film was written by Damon and his good friend Ben Affleck. It earned the buddies numerous accolades, including Golden Globe and Academy Awards for best screenplay. Matt personally was nominated the best actor for his lead role in the film. Matt Damon net worth is currently estimated at $65 million.

Martin was born in Massachusetts, in a family of Kent Telfer Damon and Nancy Carlson-Paige. His father was a stockbroker and his mother lectured at Lesley University. Kent was of British decency and Nancy’s ancestors came from Scandinavia. Matt’s brother Kyle is a successful artist specializing in sculpturing. After parent’s divorce two brothers and their single mother moved to live in a communal house in Cambridge. That’s where Damon met Ben Affleck, than just a boy from the neighborhood. Damon and Ben remains close friends till this day and has collaborated on quite a few movies.

It is said that as the years go by close friends tend to become more and more similar. It looks like in this case the same happened with their incomes. Matt Damon net worth is exactly the same as Affleck’s- they both own $65 million.

Damon started acting back at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School. Years later in one of his interviews Damon claimed that his drama teacher Gerry Speca made a big influence on him as an actor. Damon also recalled that during the school-plays he used to be a little bit jealous for Ben, because Gerry always entrusted him with more important roles and longer monologues. After graduating from high-school Matt enrolled into Harvard, but did not manage to finish his studies.
Matt first appeared on the movie in 1998, with a rom-com Mystic Pizza.

His dialogue in this film consisted of one line. During the early 90s he appeared in a few more movies, including School Ties and Geronimo: An American Legend, in which matt landed a big role, but none of them received major success. Everything changed when Damon and Affleck co-wrote a screenplay which eventually turned into the movie Good Will Hunting. The movie grossed a total of $225 million at the box office. Compared to these profits the cash Ben and Matt received was quite petty- the guys split $1.2 million. Still, this movie was a breaking point in their careers. After 1997 the real money started to flaw into Matt Damon net worth. For example, in 1999 he received $5 million for his role in Talented Mr. Ripley alone.

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