Matt Groening net worth

Matt Groening net worth

Net Worth: $500 Million

About Matt Groening

Matt Groening net worth

It has been estimated that Matt Groening net worth reaches 500 million dollars. He is mostly known as an animator, who created the popular TV series of “The Simpsons”. The show is popular all across the world and increased Matt Groening net worth by a mile. In addition, he is also a creator of another animated TV series called “Futurama”.

The first cartoon which he made was called “Life in Hell”. It was sold to the Wet magazine in 1978. The cartoon proved to be quite popular and during its peak, it was printed in more than 200 weekly magazines. It was also this cartoon which helped Matt Groening to be noticed by James L. Brooks. In 1985, he offered Matt Groening to work on a show called “The Tracey Ullman Show” which was aired on the Fox channel. Also, James L. Brooks asked him to incorporate characters from the cartoon to the show.

However, Matt Groening feared of losing ownership rights and decided to make his own TV show and this was how “The Simpsons” were born. He named the main characters of the show – the members of the Simpson family – after his own family members.

However, Bart Simpson was named after the similar sounding of the word ‘brat’. More than 500 episodes have been broadcasted already.

In 1997, Matt Groening started a new TV series called “Futurama”. They were created with his colleague David X. Cohen. The series started to be shown in 1999 and they portrayed a life after a thousand years. The animation also increased Matt Groening net worth a lot. In 2003, the show was canceled. Nevertheless, his another show, the previously mentioned Simpsons, continued to be airing and creating.

For his career as an animator, Matt Groening has received a lot of awards. He is the recipient of 12 Primetime Emmy awards, 10 of them belong to the TV show “The Simpsons” and 2 of them to the “Futurama”. In 2012, Matt Groening was rewarded with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Thus, his involvement into animation industry added a lot of revenues to Matt Groening net worth.

Talking about his personal life, in 1986 he married Deborah Caplan, with whom he has two kids – Homer and Abe. These two were usually portrayed as rabbits in his animation “Life in Hell”. However, after being together for 13 years, the couple decided to divorce.

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