Matt Lucas net worth

Matt Lucas net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Matt Lucas

Matt Lucas net worth

Matt Lucas is a popular person in the comedy circuit. Besides being a comedian, he is an actor, screenwriter and singer. All of these involvements have played a huge role in increasing the overall amount of the current Matt Lucas net worth, which has been claimed to reach 10 million dollars. Matt Lucas is mostly known for his work on the TV show called “Little Britain”, in which he was collaborating with David Walliams. Matt Lucas is also known for his role of the scorekeeping baby George Dawes, which he played in the comedy show called “Shooting Stars”. Also, Matt Lucas was chosen for the part of Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee in the production called “Alice in Wonderland”. He reprised the role in the sequel to it called “Alice Through the Looking Glass”. Therefore, all of these appearances have made his name well known as an actor and comedian and also added up a lot of revenues to the total size of Matt Lucas net worth.
In 2007, British newspaper The Independent named him as the seventh most influential gay man in its list of the UK’s 100 most influential gay men and women.

In 2015, Matt Lucas served as a writer of the BBC Two program called “Pompidou”. Currently, the actor is appearing as Nardole in the TV show called “Doctor Who”. Therefore, these involvements have also added up to the overall amount of Matt Lucas net worth.
Matt Lucas was born in 1974 in Paddington, London. His father had a chauffeuring business. Matt Lucas grew up in a Reform Jewish family. Matt Lucas was diagnosed with alopecia when he was a kid. In fact, when he was six years old, he lost all of his hair. Matt Lucas was a student at Aylward Primary School and The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School. In the period of 1993-1995, he was studying at the University of Bristol. At about the same time, he was working with the National Youth Theatre.
In 1992, Matt Lucas began to collaborate with Bob Mortimer and Vic Reeves. In 1995, he had a role in “The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer”. Together with the mentioned two, Matt Lucas appeared in “Shooting Stars”. In the show, he got his most known role, that being as the giant baby. Matt Lucas continued to work with Bob Mortimer and Vic Reeves in such productions as “Catterick” and “Randall & Hopkirk”. Thus, these collaborations have made his name recognized and also increased the total estimate of Matt Lucas net worth.
In 1999, he and David Walliams worked together to create the show called “Rock Profile”. This show is regarded as an inspiration of another popular program called “Little Britain”, which made Matt Lucas even more known in the TV land. Matt Lucas has produced some material for actor and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, as well. In 2002, Matt Lucas had a role in the musical called “Taboo”, which ran at The Venue, London. Thus, all of these appearances and productions have made his name well known and increased his financial situation.

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