Matt Stone net worth

Matt Stone net worth

Net Worth: $300 Million

About Matt Stone

Matt Stone net worth

Matt Stone is known as one of the richest animators in the world. It has been announced that the current Matt Stone net worth reaches 300 million dollars. In addition to being one of the most well known animators, Matt Stone is also known as a screenwriter, producer, actor and voice actor. All these involvements add a lot of revenues to the overall amount of Matt Stone net worth.

To most of people, Matt Stone is known as one of the creators of a popular animated TV series called “South Park”, which are known all around the world and which are considered to be one of the most important sources of Matt Stone net worth which added millions of dollars. Matt Stone named the characters of the Kyle’s family according to the names of his family members.

After graduating from high school, Matt Stone enrolled to study at the University of Colorado where he was studying mathematics and also film. It was also this time at the university, when Matt Stone met Trey Parker with whom he worked closely in making his films. The first movie which he produced and which gained moderate success was called “Cannibal The Musical”.

Also, the film was made on a very low budget but still it got success. Also, he worked not only as a producer of the movie, but also appeared in it.

Seeing that being producers could be successful to both of them, Matt Stone and Trey Parker decided to make a short animation called “Jesus VS Santa”. The animation became a huge hit online even before Youtube became popular. The animation run through eyes to eyes and it finally caught the attention of producers of the channel Comedy Central. The producers soon offered Matt Stone and Trey Parker an opportunity to work in the channel and to create their own TV show. Thus, their involvement in the Comedy Central also added a lot of revenues to Matt Stone net worth.

The name of the show they created was thought of to be “South Park”. The show has been airing for more than a decade and is still going on and it does not seem like the creators are going to slow down their work on the show. According to the show, a lot of merchandise was produced and even a theatrical version of the show was created in 1999. Currently, Matt Stone is known to be living in California.

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