Maximillion Cooper net worth

Maximillion Cooper net worth

Net Worth: $50 Million

About Maximillion Cooper

Maximillion Cooper net worth

Maximillion Cooper is one of the millionaires in the entertainment industry. It has been stated that the current sum of Maximillion Cooper net worth reaches 50 million dollars. Maximillion Cooper is known as a race driver, skateboarder and also an entrepreneur and all these three careers have added a lot of revenues to Maximillion Cooper net worth. Maximillion Cooper is mostly credited with creating a car race called Gumball 3000.

Born in England, Maximillion Cooper graduated from the Sussex University, where he earned his degree in law. Also, at this time, he also established one of his first companies. Thus, he started his involvement into entrepreneurship and business at a relatively young age. Talking more about his creation of Gumball 3000 care race, it provides not only racing, but it also has a clothing line and organizes concerts. This expansion of the company also added up to the overall amount of Maximillion Cooper net worth.

The race itself is known as an international race, which is organized in public roads. The route of racing is created in a different way and the participants of this race have to finish the route in one week’s time.

It is also known that the participants usually use luxurious cars for this race, which are usually Lamborghini or Ferrari. In fact, his company of the Gumball 3000 was founded in cooperation with his former wife, Julie, with whom Maximillion Cooper has four kids.

Currently, Maximillion Cooper is known to be in a relationship with a hip hop artist Eve, with whom he has been together since 2010. Maximillion Cooper met Eve when she competed in the rally and represented the clothing line of sports equipment called Puma. Today, Maximillion Cooper’s girlfriend Eve is also titled as the First Lady of the Gumball.

Also, when Eve was interviews during “The Chelsea Handler Show”, Eve stated that this relationship is the first for both of them, which is interracial. Also, the duo has not experienced any major arguments because of their different races. Although Eve stated that she is not of discriminating type, she has never imagined that she would be in a relationship with a white man. However, it happened and it seems that it is going really well for both of them. Thus, in addition to his success as an entrepreneur, which has added a lot of financial success to Maximillion Cooper net worth, he is also known for his personal relationships.

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