Maxwell net worth

Maxwell net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Maxwell

Maxwell net worth

It has been announced that the overall amount of Maxwell net worth reaches 10 million dollars, according to the current estimations. Maxwell is a well known name in music, where he is a singer and song writer. In addition to that, he has also expanded his career in music to become a record producer and this career has also added up a lot to the overall size of Maxwell net worth. The musician was born in 1973 in Brooklyn, New York and his real name is Gerald Maxwell Rivera. When he was a kid, Maxwell started singing when he joined chorus in his local church, where his mother was working. When he graduated from high school, Maxwell decided to focus on music seriously and considered it as his future job. Eventually, music became the main source of his fame as well as of increasing the total sum of Maxwell net worth.
He soon started to write his own songs and perform them all around New York City. Also, he immediately got fan’s attention. In 1994 he got an opportunity to get signed to Columbia Records. Under this label, he also started to work on his first album, called “Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite”.

However, as the label had some doubts about the album, it was only released in 1996. More than 2 million copies of the album were sold and such sales have added up a lot of revenues to the overall amount of Maxwell net worth. Also, a couple of successful singles were released from the album. Because of his successful album, Maxwell was also nominated for a Grammy award.
In 1998, Maxwell released his second album, which was called “Embrya”. One year later, the third album of the singer was released called “Now”. The album landed in the Billboard Album and R&B Album charts. Thus, the sales of them have also increased the total estimate of Maxwell net worth.
After the release of his third album, Maxwell went on hiatus for 10 years. However, he came back to the music industry full force when he released an album called “BLACKsummers’night”. The album proved to be a huge success as it was nominated for 6 Grammy awards. It is also known that Maxwell is working on his subsequent album and is planning to tour all across the nation. Thus, his future endeavors are also expected to increase his net worth even more.

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maxwell net worth maxwell net worth

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