Mayweather net worth

Mayweather net worth

Net Worth: $115 Million

About Mayweather

Mayweather net worth

Floyd Joy Mayweather is a professional boxer from the United States. Floyd holds numerous honorable titles, including WBA light middleweight champion, WBA welterweight champion and best pound-for-pound boxer. He is also a holder of WBC diamond belt award. Mayweather net worth is currently estimated at $115 million.
Floyd was born in 1977 in a family of fighters. His father Floyd Sr. and two uncles (Jeff and Roger) were also professional boxers.

One of them, Roger, has won the world championship twice and is currently training Floyd. No wonder that growing in such family Mayweather started training in his early childhood. In one of his recent interviews Floyd has admitted that all his life he was preparing to become a professional boxer and never seriously considered he could choose some other profession. Once in his youth he had some doubts and shared it with his grandmother. She told her grandson he should not waste his talent and continue boxing. Judging from the current Mayweather net worth this was the best advice he could have received.

Growing in a family of boxers was not as fun as it might seem.

At the time Floyd was born his father was not able to support the family from his sports career and sold drugs in order to pay the bill. Floyd Sr. used to take his son to the gym and coach him in boxing, but that was the only time that a future world champion got to spend with his dad. He was incarcerated when Floyd was still a child and the boy staid with his heroin addict mother and his grandmother, who did her best trying to raise the kids but was not always able to give them enough attention. At the time the family of seven lived in one bedroom apartment with needles scattered all around the yard. Now when Mayweather net worth amounts to $80 million it is hard to believe that he came from such a poverty.

Floyd won his first notable victory in Golden Gloves championship in 1993. He won this competition for the three following years too. His teammates nicknamed Floyd “Pretty Boy”, because he had far less scars than most of the boxers around him. This was due to defensive techniques that Mayflower has developed during the long years of training with his father and uncle Roger. In 1996 Floyd participated in Atlanta Olympics and came home with a bronze medal. It is estimated that during his career in professional boxing Floyd has earned over $200 million. His victories against Victor Ortiz in 2011 and Miguel Cotto in 2012 boosted Mayweather net worth by $40 million each.

Now you have an idea why Mayweather net worth is this huge

mayweather net worth mayweather net worth mayweather net worth

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