Megan Fox net worth

Megan Fox net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About Megan Fox

Megan Fox net worth

Megan Fox, full name Megan Denise Fox, is a famous American actress, who rose to the prominence in early 2000s. During those early years she appeared in numerous small roles and appeared as a regular on TV series Hope & Faith, but her physical beauty was appreciated more than her talent for acting. The breakthrough in Megan’s professional career came in 2007, when she landed a role in a box office hit Transformers, where she co-starred as Shia LaBeuf character’s lover. Two years later she appeared in the second part of the movie entitled Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Megan Fox net worth is currently estimated at $5 million.

Megan was born in Tennessee to Gloria Darlene and Frank Thomas Fox. Her parents’ ancestors came from Ireland and France, some of them has Native Indian blood. Meg’s biological parents divorced when their two daughters were still very young and Gloria soon remarried to the man named Tony Tonachio. Tony raised the girls as a father, while their biological dad was absent from their childhood. In one of her interviews years later Megan revealed that both her mom and her step-father were extremely strict and did not let the girls have a boyfriend or even invite their friends to the house.

Living with them was not easy, but the future actress did not have a choice: Megan Fox net worth at the time was not much above zero.

Megan started attending dancing and drama lessons at the age 5, she was also a member of Kingston Elementary School’s swimming team. At the age 13 Fox won an American Modeling and Talent Convention. Following this victory she received a couple of offers to work as a model. Her salary was not particularly impressive and did not boost Megan Fox net worth to its current heights, but it provided enough income for Megan to leave her parents house and move to Los Angeles, where she could pursue career in entertainment. Fox did this when she was 17, without even graduating from school. Career goals might be not the only reason why Megan has never graduated. As the actress has recently stated, she hated school as long as she can remember. The reason why Megan despised going there was her relationship with her peers. According to Megan herself, girls always hated her because she had an aggressive personality and got along with the guys much better.

Megan made her first television appearance in 2001, in Holiday in the Sun, a movie oriented towards the younger audience and telling a story about two rival teenagers. During the fallowing years Megan appeared on numerous movies, including Two and a Half Man, What I like About You, Confessions of Teenage Drama Queen and Bad Boys II. In 2007 she got a role of Mikaela Banes in a blockbuster Transformers. The movie grossed over $700 thousand dollars and added a considerable sum to Megan Fox net worth.

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