Mel Gibson net worth

Mel Gibson net worth

Net Worth: $425 Million

About Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson net worth

Mel Gibson is a successful actor, screenwriter, film producer and director from Australia. Mel became famous after he was chosen for the role in Lethal Weapon and Mad Max series. He later appeared in such movies as The Patriot, We Were Solders and Signs. Probably the most controversial work of Gibson that received both fierce criticism and praises was The Passion of the Christ, directed and produced my Mel. Mel Gibson net worth is currently estimated at $425 million.
Gibson was born in New York, to Hutton Gibson and Anne Patricia. There were eleven children in the Gibson family and Mel was sixth of them. New York was not the best place to raise eleven children and the family lived in a relative deprivation. Thus in 1968, when Hutton received $145.000 compensation for being injured in the workplace the first thing he bought was tickets to Australia for his whole family.

Mel is not the only one of the siblings that decided to connect his life with movie industry. His brother Donal Gibson is also an actor, however his fortune is way smaller than Mel Gibson net worth.

Gibson started his acting career as soon as he graduated from the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Australia.

In 1977 he first appeared on the screens with a movie Summer City. For this role he received a paycheck of $400- petty cash compared with his later salaries. In 1979 Gibson got the role of the main character in Mad Max. After that, the appearances on the series The Sullivans, Cop Shop and Punishment fallowed. It was not long before Gibson earned an international recognition and sympathies of audience and critics. As early as in 1982 Vincent Canby, a long-term chief film critic for The New York Times, wrote that Gibson has a “star quality”.

After he secured his name as a talented actor Mel Gibson net worth started to grow on the fast track. In 1984 he received $0.5 million salary for the movie The River. A year later he was paid $1.2 million for playing the main character in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Seven years later Mel’s appearance in a movie Lethal Weapon 3 earned him $10 million. By the year 1996 Gibson was paid up to $20 million for one film and this still was not the highest point of his career. Movies Lethal Weapon 4, The Patriot, We Were Solders and Signs topped up Mel Gibson net worth by $25 million each. According to Forbes, in 2004 Mel’s total annual income was $210 million. In 2005 his earnings decreased but remained at the impressive $185 million.

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Mel Gibson net worth Mel Gibson net worth Mel Gibson net worth

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