Melissa Gilbert plastic surgery

Melissa Gilbert plastic surgery

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Melissa Gilbert plastic surgery

Most of the times celebrity plastic surgeries don’t start for no reason. Usually people notice some unnatural changes in persons appearance which causes some suspicion. The same thing applies to rumors about Melissa Gilbert plastic surgery. This Hollywood actress is mostly remembered for her role in TV series “Little House on the Prairie” where she portrayed little girl named Laura Ingles Wilder. Of course, she has had many roles in various movies after that, but they weren’t as successful.

Having in mind that actress has almost reached her 50s, her face looks suspiciously smooth and wrinkle-less. That was probably the main reason why people started creating various speculations about Melissa Gilbert plastic surgery procedures that she might have had. Also, some people have noticed that her breast size has become bigger and that doesn’t usually happen naturally, especially if we are talking about fully grown up woman.

If we look at the photo comparisons, we can see some evidence which point out to the fact that Melissa Gilbert might have had some Botox injections, lip fillers and cheek augmentation. If we look at the photos that were taken a few years ago, we can see that she did have some wrinkles on her forehead and around her eyes, but now they are all gone and all we can see is a smooth and wrinkle-less face.

However, some people say that Melissa Gilbert looked much better before plastic surgery. According to them, actress’s face looks “plastic” and unnatural. Also, it seems that her face cannot reflect her emotions, especially on the forehead. This usually happens when a person is using too much Botox injections. If we look at some other plastic surgery celebrities, like, for example Jocelyn Wildenstein, we can see that Melissa Gilbert certainly doesn’t look as bad as Jocelyn. Nevertheless, if she will continue to surgically alter her looks, she might completely ruin her naturally beautiful appearance.

All things considered, it seems that at least some of the Melissa Gilbert plastic surgery rumors must be true. We cannot state it as a fact until it has been confirmed by the actress herself, but photo comparisons show enough evidence to decide where is the truth. These procedures have erased her wrinkles, but it is obvious that her appearance isn’t natural. Even though it is not necessarily a plastic surgery gone wrong story, many people believe that Melissa Gilbert should have decided to age gracefully instead of getting numerous plastic surgeries.

Did Melissa Gilbert Undergone Plastic Surgery

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