Melissa Gorga net worth

Melissa Gorga net worth

Net Worth: $1.5 Million

About Melissa Gorga

Melissa Gorga net worth

Currently, Melissa Gorga is known to be in huge debts. In fact, it is known that Melissa Gorga net worth today reaches -1.5 million dollars. She is known as a former model and a current TV show star, which is the main source of her net worth today. However, it does not pay so much as to make Melissa Gorga debt smaller.
Melissa Gorga is appearing on the Bravo TV show called “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”, which adds extra money to the overall amount of Melissa Gorga net worth. Also, on the show, Melissa Gorga is appearing with her husband named Joe Gorga, who is known to be involved into real estate business.

In 2012, it was officially stated that Melissa Gorga and her husband Joe Gorga were in debt for 2.5 million dollars. Out of this sum, 2.25 million dollars the couple owes to Sterling Bank. In 2007, they borrowed a huge sum of money from this bank and cannot pay it back till today. Moreover, 250 thousand dollars the couple owed to various other creditors. The couple was trying to pay the money back with selling their real estate property, however, they did not sell their house in New Jersey.

However, when the real estate bubble burst, now their house has been said to be worth only 500 thousand dollars.

In addition to being a star on the TV show, which adds to the overall amount of Melissa Gorga net worth, she is taking care of her three kids and is a stay at home mother. The mansion where she is living today was projected and built by her husband, Joe Gorga, and Melissa Gorga and her sister-in-law did all the decorating of the house.

Moreover, Melissa Gorga is well known for her attitude and personality, knowing the fact that she is Italian. Melissa Gorga has been interested in music since she was a young girl and currently it has been stated that she is aspiring to become a singer. In 2001, she worked in a tanning salon as a consultant, which belonged to Cindy Delesky and was called Tropical Tanning.

Later, she became a star on the previously mentioned show and for that she has to be thankful for her husband’s brother, who has been appearing on the show with his wife named Teresa Giudice, who was an original cast member of the show. Thus, the show also started to add up to the total amount of Melissa Gorga net worth.

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melissa gorga net worth melissa gorga net worth melissa gorga net worth

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