Method Man net worth

Method Man net worth

Net Worth: $28 Million

About Method Man

Method Man net worth

Method Man, real name Clifford Smith, is a record producer and rapper, best known as a member hip-hop team Wu-Tang Clan. Clifford is also recognized as one part of the duo Method Man & Redman. He borrowed his stage name from the martial arts movie The Fearless Yong Boxer, in which one of the characters was given a name Method Man for his inclination to smoke weed (in slang Method is sometimes used as another term for marihuana). Clifford is often placed among the greatest hip-hop artists in the world: named him as one of the best MC’s and The Source ranked him among the most talented lyricists. Method Man net worth is currently estimated at $28 million.

Clifford was born in New York, in the early 1970s. His parents separated when the future rapper was still a kid and since then he spent weeks moving between his father’s house in Long Island and his mother’s apartment in Staten Island. Method Man net worth started to grow in 1992, as hip hop collective Wu-Tang Clan, to which he belonged, began to attract attention from the wider audience. Method was always among unofficial leaders of the group: he received most attention from the media and was one of two rappers to record a solo song for Wu-Tang’s debut album.

This album, entitled Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), reached the stores in 1993. It featured the singles “Protect Ya Neck” and “Method of Modern Love”, both recorded with a significant contribution from Clifford. The album peaked at No. 41 on Billboard 200 and eventually received Platinum certification from Recording Industries Association of America. The sales from this album added a considerable sum to Method Man net worth and turned the young rapper into the national star.

In 1992 Clifford became the first Wu-Tang member to release his debut solo album, Tical. The album, mainly a production of RZA, was marked with rugged and murky sound. It became an instant commercial success, topped Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums chart and peaked at No. 4 on US Billboard 200. Only a few months after release Tical was certified Gold and within one year it received Platinum certification form RIAA. Its commercial success steamed mainly from the popularity of two singles: “I’ll Be There For You/ You Are All I Need to Get By” (feat. Mary J. Blige) and “Bring the Pain”. His duet with Mary has garnered Clifford a Grammy for Vest rap Performance by Duo or Group. For those few who have never heard of Mary J. Blige, she is an award winning R&B and soul singer with a fortune superior to Method Man net worth: her assets are currently evaluated at $45 million.

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method man net worth method man net worth method man net worth

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