Mgk net worth

Mgk net worth

Net Worth: $1.2 Million

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Mgk net worth

Richard Carlson Baker, better known as MGK or Machine Gun Kelly, is a rapper form the United States, currently signed to Interscope and Bad Boy records. His stage name is a reference to notorious American gangster George Celino Barnes, commonly remembered as Machine Gun Kelly. Richard’s friends and colleagues gave him this name for the specifics of his rapid-fire lyrical flow. MGK gained prominence following the release of his mixtapes Stamp of Approval, Homecoming, 100 Words and Running and Lace Up. What added to his fame was an article published by music magazine XXL. In 2011 Richard landed a deal with Young and Reckless Clothing and was subsequently named as the Hottest Breakthrough MC. As for 2013, MGK net worth is estimated at $1.2 million.

Richard was born in Texas, in 1990. Both his father and mother were missionaries, thus during his childhood Richard was dragged all around the world, from Germany and Egypt to Los Angeles, Chicago and Cleveland, depending on where his parents were sent to do evangelism. Although unceasing travelling was quite stressful for the kid, this experience was useful at least in one aspect: it allowed Richard to learn foreign languages and expand his horizons.

At an early age Baker was influenced by the rap of Ludacris. Just to remind you of his achievements, Ludacris is not only an award winning actor and rapper, but also a co-founder of a successful imprint Disturbing tha Peace. His careers in film and music industry have boosted Ludacris fortune to $65 million, a sum that makes MGK net worth look quite petty.

In 2009 Richard participated in MC’s competition which took place in Apollo Theatre and became the first white rapper to leave this contest victorious. Using his savings and modest earning from his performances, Richard equipped his home studio and started working on his next mixtape. MGK net worth growth and his ascendance to stardom started in 2009, when the rapper featured on MTV’s show Sucker Free Freestyle. In early 2010 Richard released his first commercially successful record, 100 Words and Running. By the end of the same year MGK made his national radio debut with a single “Alice in the Wonderland”.

Lace Up, Richards next work, was recorded in less than three months, when the artist went through a creative outburst. During the following years Machine Gun Kelly made a several guest appearances and collaborated with such artists as Waka Flocka Flame. His long awaited debut album, entitled Half Naked & Almost Famous, was finished by spring 2012. Despite high expectations and the success of single “Wild Boy”, the album’s sales were quite modest. It distributed 8.5 thousand copies during the week after its release hardly entered Billboard 200.

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mgk net worth mgk net worth mgk net worth

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