Michael Anthony net worth

Michael Anthony net worth

Net Worth: $60 Million

About Michael Anthony

Michael Anthony net worth

It has been claimed that the overall sum of Michael Anthony net worth is as high as 60 million dollars. Michael Anthony is mostly known for his career in music. In this industry, Michael Anthony is known as a member of the band called “Van Halen”, where he served as a singer and bass guitarist. The band has also added up a lot of revenues to the total estimate of Michael Anthony net worth.

The musician was born in 1954 in Chicago, Illinois. However, he was raised in the area of Los Angeles. When he was studying at Pasadena City College, Michael Anthony made friends with Eddie Van Halen. In this college, Michael Anthony was studying music and intended to get his Associate’s Degree. Thus Michael Anthony was invited to audition to join the band, which initially was called “Mammoth”. In 1974 the group changed its name into “Van Halen”. Other members of the band were Eddie Van Halen, David Lee Roth and Alex Van Halen.

The band became one of the most popular bands not only in the United States, but also elsewhere in the world. He belonged to the group for 30 years and during this time a huge part of Michael Anthony net worth was accumulated.

Officially he left the band in 2004 when the group finished its reunion tour.

Later, he created his own band called “Chickenfoot”. In this group, he performed as a singer and bass guitar player. Other people of the band were Joe Satriani, Chad Smith and Sammy Hagar. This band also has added up a lot of revenues to the overall amount of Michael Anthony net worth. One member of the band, Chad Smith, also belonged to another popular band called ‘Red Hot Chili Peppers’, where he served as a drummer. In 2009, the first album of “Chickenfoot” was released in Europe.

In 1981, Michael Anthony married his wife Sue, with whom he is still staying today. The couple met when they were studying at Arcadia High School. Together with her, Michael Anthony is a parent of two girls. Currently, Michael Anthony together with his family is living in Newport Beach in California. In addition to his career in music, Michael Anthony is also starting his own business, which is a personal website called “Mad Anthony Café”, through which he is selling BBQ sauce, hot sauce, hot mustard and other related products.

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