Michael Bivins net worth

Michael Bivins net worth

Net Worth: $40 Million

About Michael Bivins

Michael Bivins net worth

It has been known that the overall estimate of Michael Bivins net worth is as much as 40 million dollars, up to this day. Michael Bivins is a well known person in music, especially in RnB music. He was born in 1968 in Massachusetts. Michael Bivins is mostly known as a creator of his band called “New Edition”, which focuses on pop and RnB music styles. In 1978, Michael Bivins formed this band and in 1983 Michael Bivins and the band released their first album which was called “Candy Girl”. The band became famous for many of its singles, such as “Candy Girl”, “Cool It Now” and “Telephone Man”. In 1989, however, the band decided to stop making music, although it has added up a lot to the total sum of Michael Bivins net worth.

In 1996, fortunately, the band reunited. In the period of 1983-2004, “New Edition” managed to release seven studio albums. The band is regarded as the one in which footsteps many other boy bands were formed, such as “The Backstreet Boys” and “New Kids on the Block”.

However, when the band finally decided to stop their careers, Michael Bivins formed another one, called “Bell Biv DeVoe”.

In this band, a couple of members from “New Edition” also were joined. The first album of the band was called “Poison”. This album is known as one of the first albums which produced the New Jack Swing music sound. The album landed in the top 5 on Billboard charts and it also sold more than 4 million copies. Such high sales also increased a lot the overall size of Michael Bivins net worth.

In addition to his own career as a singer, Michael Bivins also has begun his career as a record producer and manager of artists. As such, he has been working with many well known people in music world, such as 702, Boyz II Men and MC Brains.

In addition to his career in music, Michael Bivins is also known as an actor. Michael Bivins has appeared in many productions, including “Apollo Live”, “Crossover” and “Friday After Next”. He has also voiced some video games, such as “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas”. Michael Bivins has also served as a writer on some soundtracks and TV productions, such as “Beverly Hills 90210” and “40 Days and 40 Nights”. These involvements also added up a lot to the total estimate of Michael Bivins net worth.

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