Michael Buffer net worth

Michael Buffer net worth

Net Worth: $120 Million

About Michael Buffer

Michael Buffer net worth

Michael Buffer is a famous ring announcer for professional wrestling and boxing matches, widely known for the catchphrase he’s been using for decades now: “Let’s get ready to rumble!”. Another one of his trademarks is a distinct pioneering speech stile, in which he adds some inflections to an athlete’s name and rolls certain letters in it. As for 2013, Michael Buffer net worth is estimated at $120 million, making him one of the wealthiest ring announcers in the world. According to celebritnetworth.com, he gets $5 million per one fight.
Michael was born in Pennsylvania during the Second World War, while his father was serving in the United States Navy. When the future millionaire was still a toddler, his parents went separate ways. Since then Michael was raised by his beloved foster parents, a housewife and a school bus driver, who lived in Roslyn. By the way, Bruce, Michael’s half- brother, is also a ring announcer. For many years now he’s been working with UFC events. He is also a chief executive officer and president of the company The Buffer Partnership, which belongs to both of them.

Despite the multiple jobs, Bruce’s fortune remains significantly inferior to Michael Buffer net worth. Bruce, who is 13 years younger than his brother, currently owns capital and assets evaluated at $2 million. He gets $30 thousand per one fight.
After graduation from high school, Michael joined the United States Army and served there for three years. One of his first jobs after army was selling cars. In his early thirties Buffer started a modeling career. Although this job did not add much to Michael Buffer net worth, it has certainly boosted his self confidence. This was essential for his future career in entertainment business. In 1982, when Michael was already 38 years old, he made his first attempt as a ring announcer. His career developed at the impressive speed and by the end of the following year he was announcing all boxing events promoted by the founder of Top Rank, Bob Arum. Around the same time Buffer developed the legendary catchphrase he uses till this day: “Let’s get ready to rumble”.
Not only the professional success boosted Michael Buffer net worth to millions of dollars, it also led him to the long lost family. In the late 1980s Michael received a call from his biological father, who recognised his son after seeing him on television. What about his love relationships? Buffer‘s first marriage, which lasted for seven years, resulted in him having two sons. Nearly 30 years had to pass before Michael made up his mind to marry again. Unfortunately, the couple went separate ways four years after exchanging the rings. As for 2013, Buffer is living with his third wife, Christine.

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michael buffer net worth michael buffer net worth

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