Michael Dell net worth

Michael Dell net worth

Net Worth: $15.4 Billion

About Michael Dell

Michael Dell net worth

Michael Dell is regarded as one of the richest people in the world, with Michael Dell net worth currently reaching 15.4 billion dollars. Michael Dell is also considered as one of the most successful computer designers and founders. His Dell computers are known all around the world and millions of computer users uses his designed Dell computer. Talking about his involvement into computer company Dell, Inc, Michael Dell is serving as the CEO as well as a founder of the company and it is a major source of Michael Dell net worth.

From his early age, Michael Dell wanted to get involved into business. Eventually, he quitted college in order to concentrate on his career as a computer designer. At first, he was working with people who were poorly trained in this industry and had a relatively small staff working for him. Also, initially, Michael Dell also worked as a repairer of computers. This venture was initially worth 100 thousand dollars and it is difficult to believe that today that small venture has grown into what today is known as Dell, Inc. company.

Being one of the most successful computer manufacturers, Dell is an important part when it comes to accumulating Michael Dell net worth.

Currently, he has 12 percent of interests in the company. In addition to that, Michael Dell has a lot of ventures in other companies, which also add extra revenues to the total sum of Michael Dell net worth.

Michael Dell got interested into mechanics and computers when he was seven years old and when he got his first calculator. Eventually, he became so good at computers and also business, that when he was studying in order to support himself financially he worked as a newspaper seller and managed to get salary higher than his teachers. He started to get involved into computer business actively when he was still a student at University of Texas. There, he started computers, which today are known as Dell, as well. At first, he designed and then sold computer kits. The business started to get really intense and he eventually got his vendor’s license. Soon, Dell computers were starting to be designed and the sales of it soon outgrew other computer sales.

In addition to his involvement into business, Michael Dell is also known as one of the most active philanthropists. In 1999, Michael Dell started his foundation with Susan Dell, which was called Michael and Susan Dell Foundation.

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