Michael Imperioli net worth

Michael Imperioli net worth

Net Worth: $20 Million

About Michael Imperioli

Michael Imperioli net worth

Michael Imperioli is a well known TV star and movie star. It has been stated that the current sum of Michael Imperioli net worth reaches as much as 20 million dollars. In addition to his career as an actor, he is also known as a television writer. This source also has added up a lot to the total estimate of Michael Imperioli net worth. Probably he is mostly known from the TV series called “The Sopranos”, where he portrayed a role of Christopher Moltisanti. This TV show proved to be a success internationally. In fact, for his appearance in it, Michael Imperioli was even a winner of a Primetime Emmy Award. In addition, “The Sopranos” also added a lot of financial success to him, which resulted into an immense increase in the overall amount of Michael Imperioli net worth.

In addition to his appearance on “The Sopranos”, Michael Imperioli also starred in “Law and Order” TV series, where he was chosen for a role of Detective Nick Falco. Between the years 2008-2009, Michael Imperioli acted in another TV show called “Life on Mars”, where he got a role of Detective Ray Carling.

Moreover, he is also known from the TV series called “Detroit 1-8-7”, where he got another detective role, that being of Louis Fitch. Therefore, his appearances in all these TV series also increased the total sum of Michael Imperioli net worth.

Michael Imperioli was born in 1966 in New York. His father was also interested into acting, however, he has never done it professionally. Talking more about the TV show which made him a huge star, that being “The Sopranos”, Michael Imperioli was nominated for a couple awards for his appearance in this show, namely Golden Globes and Emmy awards. In 2004, as it has been mentioned already, he became the winner of the Emmy award for his appearance in the show.

In addition to his appearances on TV screen, mainly as a detective, Michael Imperioli has also starred in a lot of movies. He can be remembered from the following ones: “Jungle Fever”, “The Basketball Diaries”, “I Shot Andy Warhol”, “Shark Tale”, “Goodfellas”, “Summer of Sam” and many more. Therefore, appearing in all these movies also has added up to his net worth and increased his fame not only nationally, but also internationally. Thus, with so many roles in TV and film productions, Michael Imperioli established his name as one of the most successful TV and movie actors.

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