Michael Ironside net worth

Michael Ironside net worth

Net Worth: $8 Million

About Michael Ironside

Michael Ironside net worth

It has been reported that the current estimate of Michael Ironside net worth is as much as 8 million dollars. Michael Ironside has earned a huge part of his net worth because of his career as an actor. In addition to that, he has appeared as a voice actor, screenwriter, director and producer. He worked not only on Canadian but also on American productions. Michael Ironside is mostly known for tough and villain characters, which he portrayed in various films. Thus, all of these appearances have also increased the current size of Michael Ironside net worth.
The actor was born in 1950 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His mother was a housewife, whereas his father worked as a street lighting engineer. He was born in a big family as he is one of five kids. Michael Ironside was a student at the Ontario College of Art. When he was 15 years old, he wrote his first play called “The Shelter”, which became a winner of the first place in a university’s competition. In 1967, Michael Ironside was awarded the Senior writing award at Riverdale Collegiate Institute.
In 1981, the actor got one of his first roles in “Scanners”, where he played the part of Darryl Revok.

One year later, he got a role of a serial killer in the film called “Visiting Hours”. In 1983, he appeared in one episode of the series called “The A-Team”. In 1984, Michael Ironside got his breakthrough when he appeared in “V: The Final Battle” as Ham Tyler. Other films, in which he appeared after that, included “Top Gun”, “Extreme Prejudice”, “Total Recall” and “Watchers”. All of these appearances have added up a lot to the current sum of Michael Ironside net worth, as well.
In 1991, the actor got a role in “Highlander II: The Quickening”. One year later, he appeared in “Killer Image”. In 1997, Michael Ironside appeared in another film by Paul Verhoeven, as before he appeared in his production “Total Recall”, called “Starship Troopers”. In 2000, the actor got a role in “The Perfect Storm” and four years after that, he appeared in “The Machinist”. He got a role of a crook in “Chaindance”. One of his most recent appearances has been in “Terminator Salvation”, which has also added up to the current amount of Michael Ironside net worth.
In addition to his appearances as an actor, he has also appeared as a voice artist from time to time. Such productions include “Superman: The Animated Series”, “Justice League”, “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns” and “Smallville”. He has also voiced some characters in video games, such as “Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars” and “Splinter Cell”. In 2010, the actor appeared as a guest in “Burn Notice”. In 2011, Michael Ironside got the role of the Captain of the 7th Fleet in the movie called “X-Men: First Class”. In 2013, he appeared in the animated TV series called “Transformers Prime Beast Hunters”. Therefore, all of this work has also added up to the current amount of Michael Ironside net worth.

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