Michael Irvin net worth

Michael Irvin net worth

Net Worth: $15 Million

About Michael Irvin

Michael Irvin net worth

Michael Irvin is a well known former football player and this career has made him a huge star. It has been claimed that the overall sum of Michael Irvin net worth currently is as high as 15 million dollars. In addition to his career as a football player, Michael Irvin is also known today for his acting career, which is another important source of Michael Irvin net worth. When he was a football player, he was known mainly due to his belonging to the Dallas Cowboys team. This team also played a huge part when it came to accumulating Michael Irvin net worth.

In addition to those two careers, Michael Irvin is also known as a broadcaster of the “Sunday NFL Countdown” on the ESPN channel, however, today he no longer holds this position. Currently, one of his main involvements is being an analyst in the NFL Network. Thus, this is also considered as one of the main sources of the current Michael Irvin net worth.

Michael Irvin is also known going by his nickname The Playmaker due to the fact that when he was in college, Michael Irvin would usually play big in important games. When he was a student at the University of Miami, Michael Irvin already proved that he was a skillful football player.

In 2007, his name was amongst those included in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Michael Irvin, in addition to all these mentioned facts, is also known as a part of The Triplets, where he is joined by Emmitt Smith and Troy Aikman. The Triplets were very important when it came to the Dallas Cowboys to win major games, such as three Super Bowls. Thus, The Triplets added a lot to the overall success of the team’s playing.

Michael Irvin is also known as an actor from TV reality shows. One of them could be mentioned, as well, which is the popular show called “Dancing with the Stars”. There, he participated in the show’s 9th season.

Michael Irvin was born in 1966 in Florida. He grew up in a very large family – he was 15th child out of 17 children. When he was attending high school, he already excelled in football and was scouted by numerous universities, however, he decided to attend the University of Miami, which offered him a scholarship, as well. The university is known to be offering one of the top football programs in the whole United States.

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