Michael Mcintyre net worth

Michael Mcintyre net worth

Net Worth: $50 Million

About Michael Mcintyre

Michael Mcintyre net worth

It has been officially stated that the overall size of Michael McIntyre net worth today reaches 50 million dollars, which makes him one of the richest people in Hollywood. Michael McIntyre is a well known stand-up comedian and his routines are known all around the world. Thus, his involvement into comedy is one of the main sources of his fame as well as Michael McIntyre net worth.

He was born in London, England, in 1976. In 2012, it was stated that Michael McIntyre was the highest paid comedian in the world of that time. And this makes no surprise when seeing how popular he is and how much his net worth reaches. Michael McIntyre could feel glad that for the work which he does he could get paid so high. Michael McIntyre is also known as a host of his own show called “Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Road Show”. This show has also served as an important source of Michael McIntyre net worth. The program aired on the BBC1 channel. The show was even a nominee of a couple of BAFTA awards. In addition to his own show,

Michael McIntyre has also appeared on many others, such as “Britain’s Got Talent”, where he served as one of the judges.

Michael McIntyre has also released a couple of DVDs of his comedy routines, such as “Live and Laughing” in 2008, “Hello Wembley” in 2009 and “Showtime” in 2012. The sales of these DVDs also have added up to the overall amount of Michael McIntyre net worth. His debut album, “Live and Laughing” is regarded as the most successful album of comedians. Michael McIntyre is also regarded as one of the youngest comedians who also have their own show.

Michael McIntyre has also appeared as a guest on various TV shows, such as “Eight Out of Ten Cats”, “Friday Night with Jonathan Ross” and “Mock of the week” and some others. In 2009, the comedian was awarded with the British Comedy Award in the category of the Best Live Stand-Up. One year later, he became a winner of another British Comedy Award, in the category of the Best Male TV Comic. Thus, his career into comedy has also been awarded.

In 2010, his autobiographical book was released titled “Life and Laughing: My Story”. Thus, the sales of it have also added up to the overall amount of his net worth. Michael McIntyre is not the only one in his family who has got involved into comedy, as his father is also a well known comedian, Ray Cameron.

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