Michael Moore net worth

Michael Moore net worth

Net Worth: $50 Million

About Michael Moore

Michael Moore net worth

Michael Francis Moore is a recognized film maker, author and an active social critic, named among the most influential man in the world. Among his most prominent works is a documentary Fahrenheit 9/11, which became the most profitable film in its genre and garnered Michael a prestigious Palme d’Or award. His movie Sicko, also ranked among the most profitable documentaries, won an Oscar for Documentary Feature. In 2008 Moore released a free movie Slacker Uprising, which documented his efforts to encourage American citizens to vote in the forthcoming presidential elections. Michael has also created the concepts for The Awful Truth, TV Nation and starred in these shows. Each of these ventures is responsible for a part of Michael Moore net worth, which currently amounts to $50 million.

Michael was born in Michigan, in a family of Veronica and Frank Moore. His mother was a secretary, while his father worked at automotive assembly-line. Moore came from a long line of social activists: his uncle was one of the main founders of the labor union, which connected automobile industry workers all over the country.

His parents were deeply religious, thus as a kid Michael attended only catholic schools: St. Johns Elementary and St. Paul’s Seminary. He was later transferred to Davison High School, where his numerous talents unfolded. While studying there Michael was an active member of the debate and drama club. In his senior year Moore achieved one of the highest ranks in Boy Scouts of America organization and was elected to the school board. Although those voluntary activities did not add a single penny to Michael Moore net worth it helped him realize the power of personal initiative.

Moore’s way to stardom began in mid 70s, when the 22-year-old established a weekly magazine entitled The Flint Voice. Soon enough this publication expanded to cover events in the entire state and changed its name to The Michigan Voice. Michael Moore net worth started to grow in 1986, when he received an offer to edit a political magazine Mother Jones. After the couple of moths Moore was fired from this position due to his refusal to publish an article describing the situation in Nicaragua and for some other minor provocations.

Michael sued Mother Jones for wrongful dismissal and forced its management to pay him $58’000 compensation. He later used this money to build his first movie, Roger & Me, which gave a significant boost to Michael Moore net worth. This film documented the realities in his hometown after General Motors transferred its factories to Mexico. Roger & Me received mixed evaluations: although it garnered Moore his first Emmy Award, he was also criticized for muddling facts in order to paint a more dramatic picture.

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