Michelle Pfeiffer plastic surgery

Michelle Pfeiffer plastic surgery

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Michelle Pfeiffer plastic surgery

Recently there were some rumors about possible Michelle Pfeiffer plastic surgery. Having in mind that she is a beautiful actress and she’s in her 50s, there is nothing strange that people started wondering how she manages to maintain such beautiful looks. Michelle Pfeiffer is a very well known actress and she has many fans all over the world. During her career, she has starred in many successful movies such as “What Lies Beneath”, “The Deep End of the Ocean”, “Dangerous Liaisons” and many others.

There have been various speculations about which procedures actress has possibly gotten if there really has been a Michelle Pfeiffer plastic surgery. There were some rumors about rhinoplasty, but actress has denied having it. Another speculation was about cheek implants. Looking at the photo comparisons it seems that her cheeks have become fuller, but it is hard to decide if this was a result of plastic surgery or maybe it has happened for different, more natural reasons. Perhaps she has gained some weight, or her face shape changed a little as a part of growing older. It is possible that she has had Botox injections, because her face looks smooth and wrinkle-less despite her age.

However, actress has denied having face-lift, rhinoplasty, implants or any other more serious procedure. She hasn’t denied having Botox injections and has even talked about it during one interview. She doesn’t see anything wrong with having plastic surgery and has stated that she might get a face-lift or other plastic surgery when she gets older. At least for now, actress looks youthful and beautiful. It seems that she is using Botox injections, but her face doesn’t appear frozen and she can still show some emotion. Of course, if she will continue to use face fillers, she might cross that thin line between youthful and “plastic” appearance. Her fans are hoping that Michelle will not become one of the plastic surgery gone wrong celebrities.

All in all, it seems that even if there was a Michelle Pfeiffer plastic surgery, it was very minor – probably just Botox injections. There is a possibility that she will get more plastic surgery in the future. During various interviews she has stated her positive opinion on plastic surgery and it is something that makes her fans worry a little bit. We can only hope that she will continue to age gracefully and won’t decide to surgically alter her looks too much.

Did Michelle Pfeiffer Undergone Plastic Surgery

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