Michelle Phan net worth

Michelle Phan net worth

Net Worth: $3 Million

About Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan net worth

It has been estimated that the current amount of Michelle Phan net worth reaches 3 million dollars. Michelle Phan is mostly known as a make-up professional. She became a huge star when she began posting videos of make-up tutorials on her Youtube account. Thus, she has also become an entrepreneur. This involvement has added a lot of financial success to the total amount of Michelle Phan net worth. Up to now, Michelle Phan has uploaded more than 280 videos to her Youtube account. Her Youtube account has more than 5 million subscribers, which made her a huge celebrity in the online world.

Michelle Phan was born to her parents of Vietnamese descent in Massachusetts. Eventually, she and her family moved to live to Florida, where Michelle Phan was attending Tampa Bay Technical High School. There, she was living with her mother and her brother named Steve. When she was growing up, Michelle Phan was playing trumpet as well as drawing and enjoyed playing video games.

When she was a teenager, she decided to be a doctor, because her mother did not approve of her wish to become involved into cosmetics business.

Today, it is actually cosmetics business which adds huge sums of money to the overall amount of Michelle Phan net worth. Michelle Phan stated that applying make-up to her face was like an art for her, although her mother yelled at her a lot because she was using too much of it. Eventually, her mother let her to wear make-up but only step by step.

Michelle Phan admitted that she fell in love with wearing make-up because she felt as if she was painting on her face when she was applying it. Some time later, she persuaded her mother to let her attend classes of make-up and cosmetics applying. Thus, Michelle Phan became a student at two colleges, which were Massachusetts College of Art and Design and Ringling College of Art and Design.

Also, when she was studying in college, she got her first laptop, using which she recorded her first make-up tutorial, which she uploaded to her Youtube channel. The first video which she uploaded was made in 2007. Thus, after 6 years, she has become a huge Youtube sensation and her make-up tutorial videos attract more and more viewers every day.

In 2013 she launched her own make-up line, which was made in collaboration with L’Oreal Cosmetics. The line was called “EM by Michelle Phan” and the sales of it add a lot of financial success to Michelle Phan net worth.

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