Michelle Rodriguez net worth

Michelle Rodriguez net worth

Net Worth: $30 Million

About Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez net worth

It has been claimed that the current amount of Michelle Rodriguez net worth reaches as much as 30 million dollars. Michelle Rodriguez has accumulated such sum through her careers as a screenwriter, actress as well as a disc jockey. In 2000, Michelle Rodriguez became a breakthrough star when she starred in a movie called “Girlfight”. There, she was portraying a role of a troubled boxer and her appearance in it was received with a lot of critical success. In addition, for her appearance in “Girlfight”, Michelle Rodriguez got a couple of prestigious awards, such as Gotham Award and Independent Spirit Award. Thus, her successful career in acting started and it began to add huge sums of money to Michelle Rodriguez net worth.

In 2001, Michelle Rodriguez started to appear in movies as a Hollywood star. One of the first such movies was “The Fast and the Furious”, in which she appeared as Letty Ortiz. In addition, she appeared in two other sequels of this film, which were titled “Fast and Furious” and “Fast and Furious 6”. Thus, her appearances in these films also increased the total estimate of Michelle Rodriguez net worth.

During her career as an actress, Michelle Rodriguez established herself as a successful action movie star. In many of these films, Michelle Rodriguez was casted to appear as a tough girl. Such movies have been the following ones: “Battle: Los Angeles”, “Blue Crush” and “S.W.A.T.”. In addition, Michelle Rodriguez has also appeared in a record movie called “Avatar” by James Cameron. Therefore, appearing in all these productions have added a lot of financial success and helped to accumulate the current Michelle Rodriguez net worth.

Moreover, other films from which she is also well known are “Machete” and its sequel “Machete Kills”. In addition, Michelle Rodriguez has also appeared in “Resident Evil” and its second part “Resident Evil: Retribution”.

In addition to her appearances in films, Michelle Rodriguez is also known from TV screens. She is known from the TV show called “Lost”, which she joined in its 2nd season.
Michelle Rodriguez was born in Texas in 1978. Until she was 11 years old, Michelle Rodriguez and her mother were living in the Dominican Republic. Till she became 17 years old, Michelle Rodriguez was also living in Puerto Rico. Eventually, she settled in New Jersey. In addition, Michelle Rodriguez quitted attending business school so she would be able to concentrate on her career as an actress and eventually she started working behind the scenes of cinema.

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