Mick Jagger net worth

Mick Jagger net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger net worth

Mick Jagger, full name Sir Michael Phillip Jagger, is the founder and the lead singer of the legendary group The Rolling Stones. Mick is considered to be one of the most influential artists in the history of rock and roll. During his 50-year-long career Jagger has earned numerous accolades, including Golden Globe and Emmy Awards. Mick Jagger net worth is currently estimated at $305 million.
Mick was born in England, in a family of Basil Fanshawe and Eva Ensley Mary. Mick was the first child in a family and has a younger brother Chris. Chris has also tried to build his career in music and released two albums in the 70s. However, he never managed to escape from his brother’s shadow. As Mick have stated in one of his interviews, he was a singer since the day he was born. Not only had he sung in a church choir, Mick used to sing nearly constantly while playing at home. Back in the day, nobody knew this hobby will eventually bring Mick Jagger net worth of hundreds of millions.
It was back at his childhood that Jagger met his good friend and would-be co founder of The Rolling Stones, Keith Richards.

The kids used to attend the same school. After the graduation Mick and Keith went separate ways, but they renewed their friendship a few years later and moved to live into the same flat, together with another musician, a guitarist they gave recently met. Could you ever guess the name of this third roommate? Yes, it was Brian Jones, another would-be member of The Rolling Stones.
The group first performed under the name The Rolling Stones in London, in 1962. By this time the group included three more members: Ian Stewart, Dick Taylor and Tony Chapman. The band became popular extremely fast. By 1964 some opinion polls have already indicated the Stones to be more popular that the other legendary British group, the Beatles. Their first album appeared in 1964 and was highly successful. During the next twenty years the band was extremely productive and released nearly twenty albums, each of which added a solid sum to the current Mick Jagger net worth.
Unfortunately, as soon as Mick Jagger net worth began to grow his drug problems started. Jagger, together with Richards and Jones, was first accused with recreational drug use in 1967, after a several stories about the alleged LSD parties visited by top celebrities, including The Rolling Stones, appeared on the media. At that time nobody got arrested, but the continuing drug charges did not stop haunting the band ever since. The first and the most tragic consequence of the drug abuse within the group was the death of Brian Jones. Eventually drug addiction started to affect the functioning of the whole group and led to the stalemate in their performances.

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Mick Jagger net worth Mick Jagger net worth

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