Mick Mars net worth

Mick Mars net worth

Net Worth: $40 Million

About Mick Mars

Mick Mars net worth

Mick Mars is regarded as one of the richest musicians in the industry since it is known that the total amount of Mick Mars net worth today is as much as 40 million dollars. Mick Mars is mostly known as a member of the band called “Motley Crue”, where he is known as a leading guitarist. The band is also known as one of the main sources of Mick Mars net worth. However, due to some illnesses which he has had since his teenage years, Mick Mars could not play with the band as much as he wanted to.

In addition to his work with “Motley Crue”, Mick Mars is also known as a solo singer and this career has also increased the total size of Mick Mars net worth. Currently, he is known to be working on his first solo project.

Mick Mars was born in Indiana, the United States. However, soon, the family of Mick Mars moved to live to California. Mick Mars stopped attending high school because he wanted to focus on his career as a musician. However, his first attempts in music industry did not prove to be successes as he performed only in the circuit in California and joined bands which did not have any future.

Therefore, to sustain himself financially, Mick Mars had to work some odd jobs during day time.

Some years passed and Mick Mars decided to focus on music again. This time it was more successful and he was noticed by musicians Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee. In 1980, thus, the band was created, called “Motley Crue”, which became one of the main sources of his fame as well as Mick Mars net worth. In fact, Mick Mars was the one that decided to name the band in this way.

Since the formation of the band, it became one of the highest selling bands as well as one of the most well known rock bands. 75 million copies of the band’s albums were sold, which proves the fact that the band has been one of the highest selling ones. 25 million copies of the units of the bands recordings have been sold in the United States. Overall, nine albums of the band have been released and the sales of them have also increased the overall sum of Mick Mars net worth. Thus, music has been the main source of his fame and financial situation.

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