Mickey Rourke net worth

Mickey Rourke net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke net worth

Mickey Rourke is one of the most popular stars in the entertainment industry. He is known as an actor, screenwriter and producer. Besides, he had been active in boxing, although now he is retired from this career. Mickey Rourke gained a lot of success with his appearance in movies of drama, thriller and action, and these movies have increased Mickey Rourke net worth a lot, which has been stated to reach 10 million dollars, as of right now.

In the 1980s, Mickey Rourke started to get more and more recognition for his work in cinema screens with his appearances in “9,5 Weeks”, “Rumble Fish” and “Diner”. Also, he appeared in “Angel Heart” and “Barfly” and for his appearances in it, Mickey Rourke received a lot of positive reviews from critics. Overall, this was the time when Mickey Rourke net worth began accumulating. In 1991, however, he left acting career for his objective to become a boxer. In fact, he was trained in becoming a boxer a few years ago, before he got involved into acting industry.

Later, he came back to the acting industry again and appeared in films, such as “The Pledge”, “Spun”, The Rainmaker”, “Once Upon a Time in Mexico”, “Man on Fire” and “Buffalo ‘66”.

These movies also added up to the total sum of Mickey Rourke net worth, although he mainly appeared in them as a supporting character. In 2005, Mickey Rourke came back to the industry of cinema full force, with appearing as a leading role in a movie called “Sin City”. In fact, for his appearance in it, Mickey Rourke has received a lot of awards, such as from Online Films Critic Society, the Irish Film and Television Awards and the Chicago Films Critics Association.

In 2008, Mickey Rourke starred in a film called “The Wrestler”, for which he also was awarded with a Golden Globe, BAFTA award and was also nominated to get an Academy Award. In 2010, Mickey Rourke appeared in two more popular films, those being “The Expendables” and “Iron Man 2” and these productions also added up to the overall amount of Mickey Rourke net worth. Born in New York, he was mainly raised by his mother, since his father, who was a body builder, left the family when Mickey Rourke was only six years old. After that, Mickey Rourke’s mother remarried and moved to Florida with Mickey Rourke and their new family.

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mickey rourke net worth mickey rourke net worth mickey rourke net worth

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