Micky Arison net worth

Micky Arison net worth

Net Worth: $6.6 Billion

About Micky Arison

Micky Arison net worth

Micky Arison is one of the richest people in the world. It has been estimated that Micky Arison net worth currently reaches a sum of 6.6 billion dollars. He is known as an American businessperson, who was born in Israel and his involvement into business is serving as the main source of accumulating Micky Arison net worth.

In 1979, Micky Arison got a position of the CEO in the Carnival Corporation and he held this position till 2013. Carnival Corporation is known to be the largest cruise operator in the whole world. Thus, this involvement also has served as a very important source of the total estimate of Micky Arison net worth. In addition to that, Micky Arison is also known as the current owner of the Miami Heat team, which is competing in the NBA.

In 2013, the official statements were released that Micky Arison would no longer stay in the position as the CEO of the Carnival Corporation, because he was being replaced by Arnold W. Donald, who was serving on the board of the corporation for more than 10 years. However, Micky Arison was able to retain his position as the chairman of the company’s board.

Micky Arison’s father, Ted Arison, in fact, is known as the founder of the Carnival Corporation. Micky Arison is known as an owner of his two yachts, which are big enough for him to use them as his own homes. Before he began his involvement into his father’s business, Micky Arison was studying at the University of Miami. However, he has never graduated from it.

In 2011, it was announced that Micky Arison net worth at that time was reaching 5.9 billion dollars and this sum made him to be the 169th wealthiest person in the world. In 2009 alone, Micky Arison’s yearly payment reached more than 7 million dollars. This sum included 880 thousand dollars as his base payment, more than 2 million dollars as his cash bonus and more than 3 million dollars as granted stocks.

Talking more about his involvement into business, in 1995, Micky Arison started owning Miami Heats. He has been serving as the owner of it for nearly 20 years and this involvement also has served as an important source when it comes to accumulating his net worth. Miami Heats is known as the winner of NBA Finals in 2006, 2012 and 2013, which makes the team being one of the strongest in the NBA.

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micky arison net worth micky arison net worth micky arison net worth

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