Miguel Cotto net worth

Miguel Cotto net worth

Net Worth: $15 Million

About Miguel Cotto

Miguel Cotto net worth

Miguel Cotto is considered to be one of the most successful boxers from Puerto Rico. It has been stated that the overall sum of Miguel Cotto net worth today reaches as much as 15 million dollars, which proved his success in the industry, as well. Being an amateur, he already proven that he had what it took to compete in this sport. Miguel Cotto successfully represented his country in various boxing and sports events, including Summer Olympics in 2000, Pan American Games in 1999 and Junior World Championships in 1998. In the latter competition, Miguel Cotto became a winner of a silver medal.

In 2001, Miguel Cotto started his career as a professional boxer and as such, Miguel Cotto net worth also began to increase a lot. In 2004, he won one of his biggest fights as a beginner of professional boxing, which was a fight against Kelson Pinto. Thus, this winning made him the champion of the WBO Junior Welterweight Championships. Miguel Cotto also defended this title successfully six times.

Soon, he moved to the welterweight category and his first winning in this category happened against Carlos Quintana.

As a champion of this title, Miguel Cotto also successfully continued to defend it, when he fought against such professional boxers as Zab Judah, Alfonso Gomez, Oktay Urkal and Shane Mosley. However, he lost this title in a fight against Antonio Margarito. Nevertheless, all the mentioned successful fights also increased the overall estimate of Miguel Cotto net worth. However, in 2009, Miguel Cotto fought successfully against Michael Jennings and he became a winner of the vacant WBO welterweight championship. He successfully defended this title in the fight against Joshua Clottey. However, he lost it to Manny Pacquiao.

In 2010, Miguel Cotto moved to another division, when he competed in a fight at the light middleweight category, and defeated Yuri Foreman. Thus, it proves that Miguel Cotto is a really successful boxer and this career has been serving as the main source of accumulating Miguel Cotto net worth, which has also been expected to increase even more in the upcoming years.

Miguel Cotto was born in 1980 in Puerto Rico. A lot of men from his family were also involved into boxing, such as his late father, uncle, second cousin and brother. In addition to her boxing career, Miguel Cotto is also an owner of his promotion company of boxing called “Promociones Miguel Cotto”.

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