Mike Comrie net worth

Mike Comrie net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About Mike Comrie

Mike Comrie net worth

It has been announced that the estimate of Mike Comrie net worth today is as high as 5 million dollars. He has accumulated such net worth through his involvement into hockey playing. Currently, he is known to be retired from playing this sport, however, this career added a lot of popularity to him as well as financial success to Mike Comrie net worth.

Mike Comrie was born in Edmonton, Canada, in 1980. Mike Comrie was a huge star when he was playing in the NHL. He was playing for 13 years in this league. His usual position in the game was as an ice hockey center. During his all career in the NHL, Mike Comrie was playing in a variety of different teams, such as “Philadelphia Flyers”, “Ottawa Senators”, “Edmonton Oilers”, “New York Islanders”, “Phoenix Coyotes” and “Pittsburg Penguins”. His involvement in all these teams added up to the overall amount of Mike Comrie net worth. However, Mike Comrie was forced to retire from this sport when he had to suffer a hip surgery for the third time.

In addition to his successful career in ice hockey, Mike Comrie’s personal life is also well known.

He has been dating actress and singer Hilary Duff for quite a time and in 2010 he married her. He is raising one kid with her together.

When he was studying at the University in Michigan, Mike Comrie participated in the NHL Draft of 1999 and he was picked by the team of Edmonton Oilers. This team added first huge sums of money to the overall amount of Mike Comrie net worth. It has been stated that the deal which he signed with the Edmonton Oilers was worth 10 million dollars. Soon, during his first season in playing there, Mike Comrie became a huge team’s favorite and started to get more and more fans. Moreover, in Edmonton, he became a huge star. During the first teams of playing ice hockey in this team, Mike Comrie was known as an offensive threat.

After his membership in this team, later Mike Comrie was also a player in other teams, such as “Philadelphia Flyers” and “Phoenix Coyotes”. After that, he was hired by “Ottawa Senators” and later by “New York Islanders”. In 2009, he joined the “Edmonton Oilers” again, the team in which he started his career as an ice hockey player. The contract was said to be worth approximately 1.125 million dollars.

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