Mike Ilitch net worth

Mike Ilitch net worth

Net Worth: $2.4 Billion

About Mike Ilitch

Mike Ilitch net worth

Mike Ilitch is regarded as one of the most successful and richest people in the world, and a great proof of that could be the current amount of Mike Ilitch net worth. He has earned his net worth and fame because of his successful career as an entrepreneur. Mike Ilitch is mostly known as the one who founded the popular fast food chain called Little Caesars Pizza. This venture made him very popular and also financially successful, as this company has added up a lot to the total size of Mike Ilitch net worth.

In addition to this venture, he is also known for his involvement into sports. As such, he is known as an owner of Detroit Tigers team which plays in the Major League Baseball and also Detroit Red Wings which is playing in the National Hockey League. Thus, these involvements have also added up to the overall amount of Mike Ilitch net worth. In addition to these mentioned involvements, Mike Ilitch is also known as an owner of the Fox Theatre and Olympia Entertainment. Thus these firms also add up to the total estimate of Mike Ilitch net worth.

The entrepreneur was born in 1929 in Detroit.

His family is of Macedonian descent. When he graduated from high school, Mike Ilitch served in the US Marine Corps for four years. When he came back, he was playing baseball for some time. He played in three teams, those being the New York Yankees, the Tigers and the Washington Senators. However, when he suffered a knee injury, he could not play this sport anymore.

Thus, he decided to get involved into another field and this was his involvement into business. In 1959 he got interested into pizza business. Thus, he opened the first pizza shop in Michigan with the help from his wife, which they called Little Caesars Pizza. Today, this chain is the most popular pizza chain in the United States, as this shop is established in all states of the country. In 1999, his family founded another business called Ilitch Holdings, Inc. The family also expanded their enterprises even more. In 2007 it was stated that their enterprises were worth more than 1.8 billion dollars and it is growing every year more and more. In 2010, it was claimed that the total size of Mike Ilitch net worth reached as high as 1.7 billion dollars.

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mike ilitch net worth mike ilitch net worth

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