Mike Jones net worth

Mike Jones net worth

Net Worth: $6 Million

About Mike Jones

Mike Jones net worth

Mike Jones, real name Michael Jones, is a successful American rapper. In the beginning of his music career Mike was affiliated with Swishahouse, an independent southern record label founded by Michael Watts. As for today, Jones is leading his own record label, entitled Ice Age Entertainment. Michael started his career performing with a band Souf Folk under the nickname Sache. Together with this group Mike has released only one album, Country Thuggin. His solo career took off in the mid 2000s. Jones’s trademarks is the tradition of handing out free shirts with his personal phone number on the back and his catchphrase, which goes like “Who!, Mike Jones”. Mike Jones net worth is currently estimated at $6 million.
Mike was born in 1981. As a child, he dreamed of becoming a professional basketball player and competing for one of the NBA teams. In his imagination rapping used to be his side job. Unfortunately his basketball career failed when Mike was still a teenager and to make thing worse, the boy was kicked out of high school. Back in the day Mike Jones net worth was little above zero and in order to support himself he had to take various law-paid jobs.

For brief periods Jones worked in a fast food restaurant and worked at the Compaq Computer Corporation plant. He went on to sell phones from his apartment. According to T. Brown, his friend and “business partner” at the time, Mike’s next job included selling marihuana on the streets.
The person who encouraged Mike to pursue a career in rap was his grandmother, who lived in Studewood. If it was not for her advice, Mike Jones net worth today would hardly amount to $6 millions. One of his first music ventures included performing with the band entitled Souf Falk and recording their common album Country Thuggin. Although the album was barely noticed on the southern rap scene, working on it provided Jones with a much needed experience. Eventually, Mike landed a deal with Swishahouse label. Back in the day it was also home for such artists as Paul Wall, Slim Thug and Chamillionaire. In 2001 Mike founded his own record label Ice Age Entertainment and started building career as a solo rapper.
Mike Jones net worth started to grow on the faster rate following the release of his first hit single, “Still Tippin”. The song peaked at No. 14 on Billboard Hot Rap Tracks and climbed to 60th position on Hot 100. Mike’s second single was entitled “Back Than”. It went on to sell over one million records and garnered Jones his first Platinum certification from the Recording Industries Association of America. Jones’ debut album, Who Is Mike Jones?, was released in 2005 and was more successful than any of his prior records.

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mike jones net worth mike jones net worth

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