Mike Shinoda net worth

Mike Shinoda net worth

Net Worth: $23 Million

About Mike Shinoda

Mike Shinoda net worth

Mike Shinoda is a well known musician in the United States. In addition, he is also known as a record producer. These two sources have been important when it comes to accumulating the overall sum of Mike Shinoda net worth. Mike Shinoda is mostly known from the band called “Linkin Park”, which has received a lot of success both nationally and internationally. Being one of the most popular rappers, Mike Shonda is also known to be involved in his project called “Fort Minor”, where he is one of the rappers. These two involvements also have added a lot to the overall estimate of Mike Shinoda net worth. In addition, Mike Shinoda is also known to be involved into artwork and production of these two projects, “Linkin Park” and “Fort Minor”.

Mike Shinoda was born in 1977 in Los Angeles. When he was 6 years old, Mike Shinoda started attending piano lessons because his mother insisted on it. Initially, he was playing classical music. However, when he was 16 years old, his interest switched to jazz, blues and hip-hop music styles. Eventually, he started playing guitar and writing lyrics.

Mike Shonda was attending high school with later to become members of “Linkin Park”, Rob Bourdon and Brad Delson. These three friends decided to from a band, which they named “Xero”. They were thinking about getting involved into music industry more seriously.

However, after graduation, Mike Shonda decided to focus on his studies and enrolled into the Art Center College of Design. There, he was studying illustration and graphic art and he has been involved into these industries, as well, and they also increased the total amount of Mike Shinoda net worth.

Soon after graduation, Mike Shinoda was hired as a graphic designer. As a designer, Mike Shinoda also has been involved with music artists, for example, he designed the album cover for the Styles of Beyond’s album called “2000 Fold”. Thus, there is no doubt that this involvement also has played a major part when accumulating Mike Shinoda net worth.

In addition to being a member of the popular band “Linkin Park”, Mike Shonda, as it was mentioned before, is also known as a rapper from the project “Fort Minor”, which was formed in 2004. This project is mostly based on hip-hop music, and as it is one of the Mike Shonda’s interest, he was not able to show it in music of “Linkin Park”, thus, he decided to create a side project, which became “Fort Minor”.

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