Mikey Teutul net worth

Mikey Teutul net worth

Net Worth: $2 Million

About Mikey Teutul

Mikey Teutul net worth

Mikey Teutul is a well known TV personality. Thus, being a star on TV has increased the overall sum of Mikey Teutul net worth, as well, which has been estimated to reach a sum of 2 million dollars, as of right now.

Mikey Teutul is also known for his family relations. His father is Paul Teutul, who is a founder of Orange County Choppers. Moreover, Mikey Teutul is a brother of Paul Teutul, Jr., who is a former chief fabricator of their father’s company, Orange County Choppers.

The whole family of Teutuls is known to be featured on the Discovery Channel. They are known as stars of two TV shows on that channel, the TV shows being “American Chopper” as well as “American Chopper: Senior vs Junior”. Therefore, Mikey Teutul’s appearances in both of these shows have added a lot to the overall sum of Mikey Teutul net worth.

When Mikey Teutul was 14 years old, he started working in the family business called the Orange County Iron Works. When his father’s company was founded, his older brother started working there, as well. Soon, Mikey Teutul also joined them and he was hired as an Assistant General Manager.

Working in his father’s company also added up to the total amount of Mikey Teutul net worth.

The first responsibilities which he got in the Orange County Choppers were taking out trash and answering phone calls. At one point, he was also hired as helping to build bikes. In fact, he built his own bike in the company, as well. Moreover, when he was working for the Orange County Choppers, Mikey Teutul was also working as a comedian for the crew.

Talking about the family’s involvement in TV, in the final series of the show in which they appear there were portrayed a lot of arguments between Paul Tetul and his son Paul Teutul, Jr. Thus, as a result, Paul Teutul Jr. was fired from the company. During all these arguments, Mikey Teutul would usually take a role of a negotiator between his father and brother. He was also the one who tried to motivate both parties to get on better. However, currently, Mikey Teutul is known to be squeezed out of the company, as well, as it was shown in the 6th season of the show. Nevertheless, being a TV star has also added much popularity to him and also increased the overall size of Mikey Teutul net worth.

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mikey teutul net worth mikey teutul net worth mikey teutul net worth

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