Mila Kunis net worth

Mila Kunis net worth

Net Worth: $20 Million

About Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis net worth

Mila Kunis, real name Milena Markovna Kunis, is an actress form the United States. Mila rose to fame in 2008, after her movie Forgetting Sarah Marshal reached the cinemas. She later performed as Mona Sax in the movie Max Payne, in The Book of Eli (as Solara), Friends with Benefits (as Jamie) and Ted (as Lori). Mila’s performance in the box office hit Black Swan has earned her numerous accolades, including Premio Marsello Mastroianni at the Venice International Film Festival, Golden Globe and Academy nominations. Mila Kunis net worth is currently estimated at $20 million.

Mila was born in Ukraine in 1983. Her parents decided to give their life in a homeland and moved to the United States because they believed that their two could kids would have a better future prospects in the Unites States than they had growing in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. They were right for one thing: if they stayed in Ukraine it is very unlikely that Mila Kunis net worth today would be counted in millions and she would have achieved an international recognition as an actress. When the family moved to America they only had $250 dollars with them.

Luckily soon both of Mila’s parents found jobs. Although it was not the highest paid positions, in one of her interviews Mila has claimed that it was a wonderful jobs because it allowed her parents to support their family and give their kids not luxurious, bet comfortable life.

Mila first appeared on the screens with Barbie commercial when she was still a child. She got her first acting job in a TV series Days of Our Lives at the age of eleven. Kunis went on to land minor supporting roles in 7th Heaven, Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves and Santa with Muscles. As a child actress Mila was not highly paid and it her early jobs did not boost Mila Kunis net worth, but as for a kid who only needed money for games and toys it was more than enough. In 1998 Mila auditioned for the role in a TV series The 70s Show. Although at the time Kunis was only 14-year-old and did not fit the age requirements the producers decided to cast her anyway. The show was aired for eight seasons and garnered Mila two Young Star Awards. Mila’s career in movies began in 2001, as she appeared in the comedy Get Over It. In 2002 Mila stared in a horror movie American Psycho 2.

The same year Kunis met Macaulay Culkin, an actor best known for staring in the Home Alone movies. The couple stayed together for eight years and broke up on mutual agreement in 2011. Macaulay’s fortunes are just a little smaller than Mila Kunis net worth. According to internet sources he currently holds assets worth $15 million.

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