Milla Jovovich net worth

Milla Jovovich net worth

Net Worth: $36 Million

About Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich net worth

It has been reported that the sum of Milla Jovovich net worth currently reaches an estimate of 36 million dollars. She has been involved in quite a lot of industries of entertainment. She is known as a singer, actress, model and fashion designer.

A huge part of Milla Jovovich net worth has been accumulated due to her involvement into music, where she is both a singer and a songwriter. In 1994, her debut album was released, which was called “The Divine Comedy”. The album was released under the label of SBK Records. The album proved to be quite a success and it marked her successful beginning as a singer. In fact, John McAlley from “Rolling Stones” stated that the album was “remarkable”. Therefore, the sales of her debut album also added up to the overall amount of Milla Jovovich net worth. Although there have been quite a lot of talks about her second album, it has never been released.

In 1999, she became a part of the band called “Plastic Has Memory”, which she founded with Chris Brenner. Although the band has never released singles and albums, it performed quite well on stages in New York as well as Las Vegas.

In the band, Milla Jovovich played parts as a musician, singer as well as a songwriter. Milla Jovovich has also worked on a couple of soundtracks for films, such as “The Rules of Attraction”, “The Million Dollar Hotel”, “Underworld” and “Dummy”.

Talking about her as an actress, she has had quite a splendid career. Milla Jovovich has appeared in well known movies, such as “The Fourth Kind”, “Resident Evil: Extinction”, “Stone”, “A Perfect Getaway” and many more. Therefore, her career as an actress also collaborated into increasing the overall sum of Milla Jovovich net worth, as well. Talking about her appearances in Resident Evil movies, she has played in three parts of it: already mentioned Extinction, Apocalypse and also Afterlife. Milla Jovovich is also known from TV screens. She has appeared in quite a lot of TV shows, such as “Paradise”, “Married with Children” and “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose”.

Milla Jovovich has been active in acting industry since the age of 10, when she first started as a model. She was signed to Prima Modeling Agency and appeared in many Italian magazines, such as “Mademoiselle” and “Lei”. Since that time, she has appeared in many other popular magazines, such as “Vogue”, “Cosmopolitan”, “Glamour” and “Seventeen”.

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