Miranda Kerr net worth

Miranda Kerr net worth

Net Worth: $12 Million

About Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr net worth

Miranda Kerr is known as one of the most successful stars of the “Victoria Secret Fashion Show”. In addition, it has been stated that Miranda Kerr net worth has an estimate of 12 million dollars. She is considered to be as one of the best paid models in the industry. She became known in 2007, when she joined the cast of Victoria Secret models. Miranda Kerr is the first Australian model who joined this prestigious modeling base. In addition the model is the face of Australian company called “David Jones”.

She became involved into modeling when she was 13 years old. The first modeling agency to which she was signed was “Chaay’s Modeling Agency”. In 1997 she participated in the modeling contest, which was organized by the Impulse fragrances and Dolly magazine and actually won it. Also, Miranda Kerr is known not only as a model of Victoria Secret Angels, which brings millions of dollars to Miranda Kerr net worth but also as a wife of the popular actor Orlando Bloom.

In her childhood, Miranda Kerr did not dream about modeling at all and liked to ride bikes and spend time on her grandmother’s farm.

She grew up in countryside in Australia, where nobody paid any attention to what someone was wearing or who someone was. Thus, Miranda Kerr often describes her childhood as very grounding. Later, her family moved to a bigger city with the purpose for Miranda Kerr and her brother to get to know what city life is.

Before she got involved into modeling career, Miranda Kerr was thinking about getting involved into nutrition and health psychology. Before her 14th birthday, Miranda Kerr traveled to Sydney in order to shoot her first photo shoot after the winning the contest mentioned before.

Also, her winning the contest received a lot of criticism due to her young age. The media was concerned about young girls being preoccupied with how they look, fashion and beauty. In that photo shoot, Miranda Kerr was wearing lingerie and she was only 14 years old, thus it is no surprise that this photo shoot received quite a lot of negative comments. Nevertheless her involvement into fashion industry added a lot of financial success to the overall amount of Miranda Kerr net worth. Soon, Miranda Kerr became the face of various Australian brands such as “Billabong”, which is known all around the world.

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