Misty May Treanor net worth

Misty May Treanor net worth

Net Worth: $4 Million

About Misty May Treanor

Misty May Treanor net worth

It has been claimed that the overall sum of Misty May Treanor net worth is 4 million dollars. Misty May Treanor has earned her net worth as well as popularity through her career as a professional beach volleyball player, and this sport made her a well known sportswoman all across the world. Misty May Treanor has also competed in Olympic Games and brought home a gold medal three times. In 2012, it was stated that she was the most successful female beach volleyball player, and as Misty May Treanor net worth indicates, she is also one of the richest of them. Overall, she is a winner of 112 individual competitions, which were organized both nationally and internationally.

Misty May Treanor as well as another beach volleyball player, Kerri Walsh Jennings, became the winners of a gold medal during the Summer Olympic Games organized in 2004, 2008 and 2012. With such winnings, it is no doubt that the overall estimate of Misty May Treanor net worth increased, as well. With Kerri Walsh Jennings, the team is considered to be the best volleyball team of all time. Thus, the duo has made their names as the most successful in the sports industry, regarding volleyball.

In 2012, Misty May Treanor stated that she was going to quit her professional career as a volleyball player after she and Kerri Walsh Jennings ended up as gold medalists in the Summer Olympic Games in 2012.

Misty May Treanor was born in 1977 in Los Angeles, California. Her brother is also a star on his own right, he is a cook and is usually featured on the Food Network. She learnt how to play volleyball from her parents while they were playing this sport at the Santa Monica Pier. The first time she competed in a tournament was when she was only 8 years old, when she teamed up with her father.

In addition to playing volleyball, Misty May Treanor was also interested into other sports while growing up, such as tennis and soccer, and she also attended dance classes.
When she attended high school, she was a vital member of its volleyball team and even helped the school’s team to win state championships in 1992 and 1994. Thus, it was quite clear at that time that she would reach a lot in volleyball, which eventually became her career for living and also added up to the total amount of Misty May Treanor net worth.

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misty may treanor net worth misty may treanor net worth misty may treanor net worth

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