The Miz net worth

The Miz net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About The Miz

The Miz net worth

The Miz is a well known name in wrestling industry. It is also known that he is an actor as well as a TV reality show star. It has been announced that today The Miz net worth reaches 5 million dollars. Currently, The Miz is being represented by the WWE. There, he is playing under his nickname The Miz, although his real name is known to be Michael Gregory Mizanin.

The Miz became known primarily as the star on the TV reality show called “The Real World: Back to New York”. The show started in 2001. He also appeared in spin-off series of that show, which was titled “Real World/Road Rules Challenge”. These two shows not only started to increase his popularity, but also The Miz net worth.

Another show which also added to his fame was “Tough Enough”. This show was known for seeking new WWE wrestlers, who had an ability to sing to the WWE. There, The Miz ended up as the runner up of the show. It also started his career as a wrestler, which eventually became one of the main sources of The Miz net worth.

The Miz, in addition to the mentioned shows, has also appeared in numerous others, such as “Fear Factory”, “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader”, “Battle of the Network Reality Stars” and “Dinner: Impossible”.

The Miz, as a wrestler, was training with the Deep South Wrestling and also Ultimate Pro Wrestling. Talking about his involvement into the Deep South Wrestling, there The Miz also gained a title of the first Deep South Champion in the Heavyweight category. Thus, wrestling has also added to the overall fame of him, as well as increased the total sum of The Miz net worth.

In 2006, The Miz also debuted as a show host, when he was chosen to present the show called “WWE Diva Search”. In 2006, after being a show host, he officially started his career as a professional wrestler. For three months, nobody could defeat him, which resulted into him getting a nickname of the villain. In 2006 as well, this winning streak of him ended, when he was beaten by his opponent The Boogeyman at Armageddon.

Overall, The Miz became a champion of WWE 10 times. Thus, it proves that he has been really successful in his career as a wrestler, which also added up to his financial situation.

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