Monica net worth

Monica net worth

Net Worth: $15 Million

About Monica

Monica net worth

Monica, full name Monica Denise Brown, is a popular American R&B singer, occasional actress and songwriter. She gained prominence as a child and by age 13 landed a contract with one of the major record labels, Arista records. The same year Monica has released her debut album, entitled Miss Thang. The first two singles released by Brown, “Before you Walk out of My Life” and “Don’t Take It Personal”, turned her into the youngest artist to ever enjoy having two consecutive Billboard R&B Singles chart-topping hits. As for 2013, Monica net worth is estimated at $15 million dollars. This sum does not seem that fascinating if you are keeping in mind that during her career Brown has sold over 20 million albums.
The future millionaire was born in Georgia, in a family of Marilyn Best and M.C. Billy Arnold Jr. Her father was a mechanic, while her mother was a customer service representative at Delta Air Lines and a former church singer. She introduced her daughter with R&B and inspired the love for music that eventually boosted Monica net worth to millions of dollars. Monica and her mother are not the only talented musicians in their family.

Brown is a cousin of Polow da Don, a professional music producer, rapper singer and songwriter, and a distant relative of Ludacris. For those few who have never heard of this man before, Ludacris is one of the most successful American rappers, actor and entrepreneur, who rose to the fame with such singles as “What’s Your Fantasy” and “Southern Hospitality”. Although Ludacris’ professional career took off a bit later, his fortune is significantly superior to Monica net worth: this rapper owns capital and assets worth $75 million.
Monica’s debut album, Miss Thang, was released in 1995, when the future millionaire was 15 years old. Due to the success of such singles as “Don’t Take It Personal”, “Like This and Like That”, “Let’s Straight It Out” and “Why I Love You So Much” the album peaked at No. 36 on Billboard 200 and eventually was certified 3xPlatinum by the Recording Industries Association of America. It also received Gold certification from the Canadian Recording Industries Association. Monica’s second album, entitled The Boy In Me, was even greater commercial success. It featured such international hits as “The First Night”, “Angel of Mine”, “Inside”, “Street Symphony” and “Right Here Waiting”. The Boy in Me was certified Platinum in three countries: Japan, United States and Canada. Needless to say, it added a solid sum to Monica net worth. Although to this day Brown is considered to be one of the greatest R&B singers in the world, none of her following albums was as commercially successful as the second one.

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monica net worth monica net worth

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