Morgan Freeman net worth

Morgan Freeman net worth

Net Worth: $90 Million

About Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman net worth

Morgan Freeman is America’s beloved actor, narrator and film director. During his career Morgan has appeared in some of the most profitable films of the century, including Seven, Unforgiven, Glory, The Sum of All Fears, Deep Impact, Evan Almighty, Bruce Almighty (In his signature role of the God) and The Dark Knight Trilogy. Morgan Freeman net worth is currently estimated at $90 million. His performance in the movies Driving Miss Daisy, Street Smart, The Shawhank Redemption, Invictus and Million Dollar Baby garnered Freeman numerous nominations and awards, most notably Golden Globe and Oscar.

Morgan was born in Tennessee in 1937. His father, who died when Morgan was just a little over 20 year old, was a barber and his mother Mayme Edna was a school teacher. According to DNA tests Freeman’s ancestors probably came from Niger. Morgan’s acting career started when he was still a child. After years starring in school plays Morgan won an acting competition at the state level when he was twelve. Following this victory he regularly performed in the local radio show. His salary for these performances was kind of petty and it did not raise Morgan Freeman net worth much above zero, but it was entertaining for his family and the boy himself.

After high school Morgan decided to join United States Air Forces, where he worked as a radar technician. During the years in service Freeman realized that his professional mission is acting and started taking acting and dancing lessons right after he came back to California. During this early period of his career he belonged to the Opera Ring theatre group and appeared on a number of stage plays, including The Royal Hunt of the Sun and The Nigger Lovers. In 1980 Morgan landed a title role in Coriolanus, a play based on the tragedy of William Shakespeare. This role garnered Morgan an Obie Award and helped to establish himself as a talented and mature actor. His second Obie Award came four years later, for the role in the play The Gospel at Colonus. Fallowing this critical recognition Morgan Freeman net worth growth shifted to the high gear.

Since the mid 80s Freeman frequently appeared in the movies in supporting, but rather notable roles. As he rose to the fame, Morgan received more and more significant parts. His first great critical and financial success came with the role in a movie The Shawhawk Redemption, which appeared in the cinemas in 1994. A film grossed nearly $30 million in North America and reached 51th position in the list of the most profitable films of the year. A significant part of those profits landed in the wallets of the cast members and boosted Morgan Freeman net worth. The movie was nominated for seven Academy Awards, including Best Actor for Morgan freeman.

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morgan freeman net worth morgan freeman net worth morgan freeman net worth

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