Morgan Spurlock net worth

Morgan Spurlock net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Morgan Spurlock

Morgan Spurlock net worth

It has been announced that the overall estimate of Morgan Spurlock net worth today reaches 10 million dollars. He has earned a huge part of his net worth through his career as a maker of documentaries, which made his name popular all across the world. In addition to this career, Morgan Spurlock is also well known for his involvement into being a humorist, screenwriter, television producer and political activist. These careers have also added up to the total sum of Morgan Spurlock net worth.

Talking about his career which made him popular all around the world, that being of maker of documentaries, he is mostly known for a couple of them, such as “Super Size Me”, “One Direction: This Is Us”, “Where in the World Is Osama Bin Laden”, “POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” and some others. As these documentaries became famous all around the world, they also added up to the overall amount of Morgan Spurlock net worth.

Morgan Spurlock has also worked on the TV reality show called “30 Days”, where he not only worked behind the scenes of it, but also appeared in it.

In 2013, Morgan Spurlock became one of the most vital members of the CNN network, when he became a host as well as a producer of the show called “Inside Man”.

Morgan Spurlock was born in 1970 in West Virginia. In 1993, Morgan Spurlock became a graduate of New York University.
In 2004, his first huge documentary was released, which was called “Super Size Me”. The documentary gained a lot of fame and as a result it also added up to the overall sum of Morgan Spurlock net worth. Moreover, this documentary was even nominated for an Academy Award, which was a huge achievement for Morgan Spurlock.

The idea to create such a documentary came to him when he was visiting his parents for Thanksgiving and was watching TV, when he saw that a couple of teenage girls wanted to charge McDonalds for their obesity to fast food. Therefore, in the movie, Morgan Spurlock was shown as eating three meals from McDonalds every day for 30 days.

When the documentary began, Morgan Spurlock’s physical status was quite well but during the filming of the documentary, he gained 11 kg more. It also resulted into some diseases, such as liver dysfunction as well as depression. Nevertheless, the documentary became a huge success and is regarded as one of the most famous works of Morgan Spurlock.

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morgan spurlock net worth morgan spurlock net worth morgan spurlock net worth

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