Mort Zuckerman net worth

Mort Zuckerman net worth

Net Worth: $12 Million

About Mort Zuckerman

Mort Zuckerman net worth

It has been announced that the total amount of the current Mort Zuckerman net worth reaches 2.6 billion dollars, which makes him one of the richest businessmen in the industry. He is an investor, media proprietor and magazine editor. All of these involvements have played a huge role in increasing the overall estimate of Mort Zuckerman net worth.
Mort Zuckerman became known when he co-founded the company Boston Properties, where he was serving as a CEO but when he stepped down from this position, he became its executive chairman. The company is considered as one of the largest real estate investment companies in the United States. His work in it has increased the total size of Mort Zuckerman net worth by a mile.
Talking about his involvement in magazines, he is the owner as well as the publisher of two of them called US News &World Report and New York Daily News. In both of these publications, Mort Zuckerman is editor-in-chief. Before that, Mort Zuckerman owned two other publications called Fast Company and The Atlantic. Thus, this career is also regarded as one of the main sources of the current sum of Mort Zuckerman net worth.

He was born in 1937 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. His parents had their own candy and tobacco store. Mort Zuckerman was raised in a Jewish household. When he was only 16 years old, he was already studying at McGill University. In 1957, he got his BA. Four years later, Mort Zuckerman earned his BCL. In 1961, Mort Zuckerman started studying at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, from which he got his MBA degree. In 1962, Mort Zuckerman graduated from Harvard Law School, from which he earned his LLM degree.
After he graduated from this school, Mort Zuckerman continued working there as an associate professor, a position which he held for nine years. In addition, he was a professor at Yale University. Also, he was working at a real estate firm called Cabot, Cabot & Forbes, where he stayed for seven years. In the company, his position was promoted to a senior vice president and chief financial officer. Therefore, these involvements have also increased the overall amount of Mort Zuckerman net worth.
In 1980, Mort Zuckerman bought his first publication which was The Atlantic Monthly. Until 1999, he was working as its chairman. In 1999, the magazine was bought by David G. Bradley, who paid 12 million dollars for it. In 2000, Mort Zuckerman sold another publication called Fast Company for 365 million dollars. In 1984, he bought U.S. News & World Report, which still belongs to him and in which he is working as an editor-in-chief.
Moreover, Mort Zuckerman has been appearing on TV as a commentator. Some shows, where he is a regular, include “The McLaughlin Group” and “MSNBC”. These appearances have made his name even more known. In 1977, the businessman got his American citizenship. In addition, he is a member of various boards of trustees, such as the Aspen Institute and New York University.

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