Mr T net worth

Mr T net worth

Net Worth: $1.5 Million

About Mr T

Mr T net worth

Mr T is known as an actor, wrestler and a motivational speaker. Recently, it has been claimed that the total estimate of Mr T net worth reaches 1.5 million dollars. As an actor, Mr T is known from the TV series called “The A-Team”, which was broadcasted in the 1980s. In these TV series, Mr T played a role of B.A. Baracus. Also, he appeared in a film called “Rocky III”, released in 1982, where he played a role of a boxer named Clubber Lang. Thus, acting has increased the total amount of Mr T net worth. In addition, he is a well known wrestler. His trademarks are known to be his image of a tough guy and his passion for gold jewelry.

In 2006, Mr T also appeared on a reality TV show called “I Pity the Fool”, which was aired on the TV Land. Also, the title of the TV show was created upon the catchphrase, which was usually used by his character of Clubber Lang in the movie “Rocky III”.

Mr T was born in 1952 in Chicago, Illinois. His family was very huge, he has 11 siblings and he was the youngest out of all of them. The kids were raised in housing projects, in a poorly established building, where they were all living in a three room apartment.

Also, that building in which the family was living was situated in the poorest suburbs in America. When Mr T was growing up, he witnessed a lot of crimes, as well as murders, but he later claimed that he survived due to the fact that he was growing in a very loving family.

When he was attending high school, Mr T was active in sports. He played football as well as attended classes of mixed martial arts and wrestling, which later also started to increase Mr T net worth. When he was living in Dunbar, Mr T was also the wrestling champion of the city. Also, he was so good in football that he even got a scholarship to attend Prairie View A&M University. There, he was studying mathematics, but he was expelled after only one year of studying. Thus, his next step was going into Army, where he was serving in the Military Police Corps. Before he got involved into acting, which brought a lot of financial success to Mr T net worth, he also worked as a bouncer.

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mr t net worth mr t net worth mr t net worth

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