Muhammad Ali net worth

Muhammad Ali net worth

Net Worth: $81 Million

About Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali net worth

Muhammad Ali is a former boxer, social activist and philanthropist from the United States. Some people have idolized him, some saw him more as a villain, but probably all would agree that Muhammad is one of the most prominent cultural icons in modern history. He became a worldwide heavyweight champion at the age 22. At the time he was known under the name given him by his parents Cassius Marcellus Clay. He officially changed his name to Muhammad Ali in 1964, after he joined the movement Nation of Islam. Ali’s religious beliefs and more general opposition to the Vietnam War encouraged him to refuse to join the U.S. Military in the late 60s. This refusal caused a huge scandal and divided Americans into his supporters and critics. Muhammad Ali net worth is currently estimated at $81 million.

The boxer was born in Louisville, the first son to Cassius Marcellus Clay Sr. As his father, who was a painter, he was named after a famous 19th century politician and abolitionist. Their mother, Odessa O’Grady Clay, raised Ali and his brother Rudolph as members of Methodist church. Rudolph, just as his elder brother, later turned to Islam and changed his name to Rahman Ali.

Like Muhammad, he chose to be a boxer, but never was as successful as his brother and did not make a fortune similar to Muhammad Ali net worth. Ali started training at boxing at the age of 12, encouraged by a police officer. Why would a police officer encourage a boy to fight? Well when the little Cassius, whose bike just got stolen, told the officer he would like to kick the thief’s butt, the officer jokingly advised he should learn how to box first. A few years later Clay Muhammad was introduced to the legendary boxing coach Chuck Bodak and started working with him.

Muhammad Ali net worth started to grow at the impressive rate when he was still a teenager. The young athlete won 6 Golden Gloves titles, Amateur Athletic Union title and was given a chance to represent United States in 1960’s summer Olympics. Ali came from Rome victorious, holding a gold medal as the Light heavyweight champion. Later in his autobiography Muhammad claimed that this same gold medal ended up in the river. According to Ali, he has thrown it away out of disgust to American racism, after he was denied service in white-only restaurant.

However, during the years Muhammad’s own version of this story has varied, causing some media and even his friends to doubt his truthfulness. Despite this controversy, it has to be said that Muhammad Ali net worth has actually caused positive changes in many people’s lives. For example, in 1997 he opened a non-profit Muhammad Ali Centre, which operated assets and capital worth $60 million.

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