Mystikal net worth

Mystikal net worth

Net Worth: $3 Million

About Mystikal

Mystikal net worth

Mystikal is known as a rapper from the United States. It has been claimed that the overall sum of the current Mystikal net worth reaches 3 million dollars. In addition to his career as a rapper, Mystikal is also known as an actor.

In 1994, Mystikal’s first album was released, which was called “Mystikal”. The album was recorded under the label of Big Boy Records. The label is known as an independent one, based in New Orleans. Mystikal got involved into arguments with other rappers from New Orleans area, such as Lil Wayne. Therefore, he was dissed on these rappers songs and Mystikal did the same on them.
When Mystikal’s sister Michelle Tyler passed away, his lyrics became influenced by it a lot. He has written many songs, which refer to her murder, such as “Murderer”, “Murder 2”, “Dedicated to Michelle Tyler” and “Shine”. These songs also proved to be successes and they increased not only his popularity, but also Mystikal net worth. However, soon Mystikal and Lil Wayne made up and they even started collaborating on their music.

In 1995, Mystikal released his album called “Mind of Mystikal”, which was released under his newly signed label, “Jive Records”.

One year later, he changed labels and signed to No Limit Records. Under this record label, Mystikal released an album called “Unpredictable”. The sales of it also increased the total amount of Mystikal net worth. In 1998, Mystikal also released another album called “Ghetto Fabulous”. This album was also the last one to be released under this label and in 1999 he decided to quit working with it and went on to produce his own music.

In the same year, Mystikal also started to record songs for his upcoming album. In 2000, the album called “Let’s Get Ready” was released and the sales of it also added up to the overall sum of Mystikal net worth. The single called “Danger (Been So Long)” was released and it featured Nivea, who is a rising star in the rapping industry. The album proved to be a huge success, as well, as it landed in the 1st place of the Billboard Hot 200. This is also the only album which topped charts till this day. In this album, other well known singles also were included, such as “Shake Ya Ass”. This song also proved to be a success and it was included in a couple of soundtracks of several films.

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mystikal net worth mystikal net worth mystikal net worth

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